Advice facing GKs in Cities of Death - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Lessons from recent Cities of Death game with GKs

    Her3e's my take on COD composition for IG. I faced SMs with GKs in urban assault and although neither got anywhere near the other's building, the GKS were simply caned - caned I tell you. He lost 15 models by the end of turn 1. (1750pts each side).
    Here's my take on lessons learned:

    We played 3 strategems each. I have 5 squads with HB/Plasma, 1 Ogryn squad, 1 rough rider squad, 2 Exterminators, 1 plasma rich vet squad, 1 ratling squad and some tooled up CC command squads with a commissar, as well as 1 sharpshooting lascannon support and heavy bolter support squad.

    I used the prelim bombardment, ammo store and booby traps stratagems. He used prelim bombardment as well, so we hammered each other before the game started. I stunned both his razorback and his whirlwind, and killed 3 inducted stormies. He stunned 1 Exterminator, and I lost 10 guardmen from varuious squads. One platoon HQ qith a lascannon lost 4 out of 5 men, but held, and continued to hold for the rest of the game whiile this lone lascannoner proceeded to kill his dreadnought and 2 GKs. He was sniped at by his snipers but made his save every time.

    I won turn 1, and used the Guard's firepower to great effect. By the end of turn 1 he had lost another 12 SMs and GKs, and his dreadnought was immobilized. I had placed my support squads in my chosen building with ammo store stratagem, and it helped - big time. Every turn, I chose the 3 heavy bolters to become twinlinked, and on some turns I got 8 out of 9 hits. He simply could not make enough saves.

    In turn 1 I charged my rough riders into his lines, in order to break up his assault formation. I hit his GK termie squad, and he lost 2, and I lost 1 horse. Next turn my RR's all died, but they had achieved their purpose.

    In turn 2, with his GK termies wscaling the central building in prep for the assualt on my chosen building, I decided to show more aggression: I charged by Exterminator forward, along with one of my tooled up assault squads. My exterminator killed 1 GK termie, a lascannon another and my puny command squad with 2 flamers, a meltagun and powerwpn/BP officer fired, killing 2 more termies (1 with a flamer, 1 with the meltagun) before CHARGING his 2 reminaing termies (one being a grand master). Now this is probably insanity, but I had nothing to lose. He targetted by officer (as an independent character) and killed him before any damage was done. I responded to no avail, and then promptly lost morale, having only lost my officer. I retreated 11 inches, back into the building I came from! Needless to say the GK player (my twin brother) was gutted.
    Next turn his 2 remaining GKs assauylted onother building with boobytraps and BOOOM: another dead GK termie.

    Eventually all he had left was his grand master on that flank, which chewed up 2 squads, but the damage was done. All but 3 of his supportung SM's were dead, as was his dreadnought, half of the other GK squad, all but 1 of his scouts, and half his stormies.

    Lessons: prelim bombardment with icomms (I took icomms on an exterminator) is worth it, even against MEQs
    Boobytraps are great against MEQs - no armor save. In this game they killed 2 GK termies.
    Ammo store is a nightmare for anyone assaulting a building.
    Exterminators are great in COD - can fire on the move with 14 shots per turn. Carnage - simply carnage.
    Tooled up command sqauds with a few assault weapons are good for making spoiling attacks. Flamers are fun. Meltas are more fun.
    Ogryns are too slow unless you use sewer rats or a chimera. Mine never even entered the battle.

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