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    hey guys. i havent played 40k in a long time and i cant seem to find all of my books. my friend has all the ones that we need for a game we will be playing on sunday. so i was trying to remember my old army and i was wondering if somone could maybe tell me the point cost of it so i could get a better idea of what to remove? i used to play blood angels with an emphasis on death company. Here is what i *think* i played with, i am not sure though, somone please tell me if it is somehow breaking the rules?

    i am pretty sure a basic space marine costs 24, thats the only number i can remember heh.

    so here is what i think i used to play, this is somwhere around 1500 i think.

    for my HQ, i would take 2 chaplains. These guys came with a coterie of death company i believe, d6+3 or somthing, right? also the power weapon and artificer armor and iron halo.

    troops i would have 6 5 man squads of space marines. I would take the optional commanders, and the optional 1 guy with lascannon and 1 guy with plasma gun, somtimes melta gun if they had more tank stuff.

    This was the core of my army, the remaining points i would fill in with dreadnaughts, assassins, etc. etc. depending on what points we were playing.

    so on the death company, this is where my rules are a bit fuzzy and i would like to clear this up. For the 1st chaplain, i roll a die for each squad. If it is 4+, i have to add one of the units of the squad to my death company squad. If i take one unit for the death company squad, i can also opt to add the commander to the death company squad, as a death company marine but with a power fist. if i roll a 6 on the 4+ death company roll, i can roll again for another unit. so hypothetically lets say i roll sucessfully on 3 out of my 6 squads, with 1 roll being a 6. so it would be 4 regular death company and 3 death company with power fists.

    here is another thing i am kindof fuzzy on. what exactly happens to the remaining 2-3 units from my squad? what i usually did was take the regular marines for the death company, and then just moved all the 2 or 3 man squads that i had remaining in a big blob, and used it as a ghetto devestator squad with the las cannons, and plasma gun guys up front to protect the las cannon guys. i dont know if this is legal though.

    then i roll again for each squad, because of my second chaplain (i am not sure if this is allowed, is this correct? my friend tells me it is but i dunno) so that is another hypothetical 3 sucesses with 1 being a 6, so that is 4 more regular death company and 3 more death company with power fists.

    so at this point i have 8 regular death company, 6 death company with power fists, and 2 chaplains. then i roll for the chaplain coteries, so lets say i make a 3 and a 4 on the d3 rolls, so thats 7 more +6 more for the static 3, so +another 13.
    so that would be a total of 21 regular death company, 6 death company with power fists, 2 chaplains. I always take the jump packs instead of rhinos, and melee weapons whenever available over bolters.

    So, if i remember correctly, i would end up with (with hypothetical average dice rolls)

    21 regular death company
    6 death company with power fist
    2 chaplain
    6 space marine with las cannons
    6 space marine with plasma gun
    3 left over space marine with bolters
    misc dreadnaughts and stuff if playing for larger points.

    This seems incorrect to me, i dont remember playing with so many death company units. where are my numbers incorrect?

    thanks guys!!!

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    First off, asking for point costs is DEFINITELY against the rules, so no we can't tell you. We also can't tell you rules for your army, or any other, since it is obvious you are asking for rules and not an explanation of a particular rule's function. Both will get L.O. into trouble. Since you're a brand newbie on the forum, you get a pass on a warning level increase, but you need to read the forum rules before posting.

    However, based on your recollections it appears you haven't played since 2nd edition. Not only are the points completely different now, but the rules have changed radically.

    You will need to get the new rulebook and the codex for your army to play. If you can use your friends' for a while it will help you get started putting together an army, but you'll probably still want a copy of your own. I find knowing the rules is as important to winning a battle as good tactics. Know yourself and your enemy and you can guarantee a win.

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