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Thread: Space Wolves

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    Im playing i a 1000 pt team tourny with 3 other space marines and im having trouble putting my army together, due to the special rules in force
    the rule where you have to have 1 HQ for every 750 pts rounding up is suspended

    i can only have 1 HQ, 2-3 troops, 1 elites, 1 fast attack, and 1 heavy support.

    I want to use a ven dread because it's tough, and i want to use scouts because they sneak around the enemies lines. But other than that, ive got no ideas. I want to include some firepower, but also mobility and cc abilities that the wolves are so good at.
    I have no idea to assemble this army, any ideas?

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    My first question is, if you have to give up one of the Space Wolves unique rules, what did the other marine player's give up from their armies?

    How about no Death Company for the Blood Angles, or now vows for the Black Templar? I personally think its unfair to any army to change the rules for them and not the others. The armies are point valued based on the overall stengths and weaknesses of the whole army and all its rules. If you are resticted to one HQ, I would definitely push not to let the other marines take command squads with their HQs. Plenty of the models in the comand squad are just as tough as another HQ character.

    For a 1K SW army, knowing you are going against only other marines, I would look to have:

    HQ-Ven Dread tooled for ranged heavy support, Las/pls and missile launchers
    Heavy-Predator Destructor with lascannon sponsons
    Elite-Six man scout pack led by a WG leader, fully tooled to deal with enemy units in the back. Something like two power weapons, meltagun, meltabombs, powerfist on the WG.
    Fast Attack-Three bike attack bike pack, all with multimeltas
    Troops-One 10 man GH in Rhino, the rest BCs with power fists, in Rhinos when possible, if not then in big squads.

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