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    Hey i was wondering if you can make ur own chapter, for a chapter of space marines. Like if you made a chapter, for the chapter BT, and called it dark templar. If you can how do you know what to base ur armies qualities on. Would it be like a BT army or could you say that it was rlated to BA or DA or any of them. Or could you just change them accordingly to who ever you play. Also, how would you know what color to paint them? Could you just make up own colors and symobls and stuff cause that would be really cool. Thanks fer all of your responses.

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    You can make up your own history and paint your army any way you like. Make up your own symbols, call them a successor chapter, whatever you want.

    You should only run into resistance in two areas:

    First, if you try to make up your own rules, most people aren't going to be interested in playing you. It's fine to paint your army all white, give them new symbols (tigers), use the Space Wolf codex and rules, and call them Snow Tigers for example. With a good background no one I've ever met would have any problems. They would even be tourney legal.

    The second problem will be if you make them or their parts unidentifiable or confusing. For example if you replaced all the bolters with tyranid looking boi-organisms sculpted from greenstuff. Or if you are not consistant with your conversions; "These plasma pistols are really bolt pistols, but these plasma pistols represent meltaguns".

    You can still be pretty extreme. Some sort of pirate theme and replace all the bolters with flintlock rifles out of Warhammer Fantasy. They look like rifles and are consistant throughout your army, so you shouldn't have any problems.

    So break free and make your own personal army. :w

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    Please search before posting... This question has been asked hundreds of times...

    But to answer your question:

    Yes you can make up your own Chapter and call them what ever you like with your own colours and insignia but you cannot make up your own rules, however.
    You can use the standard Space Marine rules or use existing rules from special rule Chapters such as Blood Angels or Black templars. BUT you cannot mix them. You cannot use some rules from the Blood Angels Codex and some from the Space Wolves Codex at the same time. Also, if you are at a tournament for example, you cannot switch rules for each game.

    I'm in a hurry so I'm not going to get into fluff and stories but you can do a search and find out...
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