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    Can Radicals win?

    Some of you may have already read my other thread in this forum entitled Are pure GK boring, and can they win?. If not, it may be worth at least reading the first bit to understand where I'm coming from.

    Now then. A Radical list with inducted guard is something that intrigues me. There aren't too many models of any one type (painting 40 of the same thing sucks). There are some very characterful units as well, especially the Elites. And I'm sure they'd be interesting to play in terms of using each of the units.

    The army that I have envisaged goes something along these lines:

    Shooty inquisitor with shooty retinue
    Some death cult assassins
    Some daemonhosts
    An Officio Assassinorum operative
    2 small stormtrooper squads with special weapons in chimeras
    2 Armoured Fist squads with lascannons in chimeras
    A Leman Russ

    This is just a basic concept, elites would be switched around, sometimes I might field more death cultists and no daemonhosts, or might lose the Assassin, or whatever.

    My question to you: This army ends up with something like 40 models in it, half of them being Imperial Guardsmen. Normally a guard army has in the order of 100 models at 1500 points, and multiple tanks, compared to my 1 main tank and 4 light tanks. Given that my main opponents are Deathguard, Eldar and Tyranids (all balanced lists), can this style of army win with any degree of consistency?

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    Playing radical is a lot more difficult than playing puritan, because you are chopping out most of the unit options. By and large, I think playing a radical DH army isn't really worth it, because just about the only unit remaining to you that is of any unique interest is daemonhusts. I think you'd be better off playing IG or SM and taking the allied I-lord HQ and Elite daemonhosts. ISTs just aren't that great on their own; they're fine for complementing a puritan list, but aren't really worth their points otherwise. Furthermore, you'll get the additional advantages of using doctrines or traits and having a much wider selection of units to choose from.

    That said, I sorta offered my own take on a radical list in your other thread.
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