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    Help with starting SOB

    For a while now i have had a small imperial guard army which i play a few friendlies games with some friends. I like the Ig men and tankls etc but i need a good solid backbone with a good save. Thats were the witch hunters come in. Im going out to buy the codex this week but im just wondering if you could help me with making a list

    at the moment i have

    1 leman russ
    1 chimera
    20 troops
    3 autocannon teams

    Now to start to this i want to add to SOB squads and a squad of IST to go with the chimera na dobivuosly 1 Witchhunter Inquisitor as my HQ. Anyone help would be appreicated with strength weaknesses or what i should buy to get my army going.

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    I would suggest as I am also just starting Witch Hunters but have been asking questions not stop it seems. If you want to in include an Inquisitor Lord you should get the Inquisitor Lord and Retinue box, expensive but you get one of each henchmen and the lord. And another helpful thing would be to decide whether or not you want to include the SoB or if you want to go for a straight IST army or a combination. From your post sounds like you want the SoB in there so I would suggest a box of SoB and you want the IST's so get a box of them. Then you would have a decent selection of troops, between some anti tank units to anti troop and the IG that you've got could be included then. I would suggest that after you get the codex and study it, look through the threads here and get an idea for what you want to do with your army.
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    Depends where you want to start. Do you want the Imperial Gaurd as your parent list or Witch Hunters? By parent list I mean main army, which fulfills all the minimal requirements of the force organisation chart before adding the second army. Depending on this choice your army can vary a bit.

    By having Imperial Gaurd as your main army you will have access to choices such as Hellhounds, heavy weapon teams, ogryns etc. You do however loose out on Witch Hunters Heavy support choices....vice versa you will limit the choices you can gain from the imperial gaurd codex. Your choice should be heavily decided on which codex you like most and want more of.

    With what you have at the moment you can still fulfill both roles. Next stage for you will be to buy a Command section for your platoon. Then you can move on to choose your HQ choice. This will be either an Inquisitor Lord/ Cannoness is you're using Witch Hunters as the parent list or a Command Squad if your parent list is going to be Imperial Gaurd.

    Once the HQ is chosen you can build on the core force. No matter which army you choose as the parent you will need another platoon of imperial gaurdsmen to use that leman russ of yours. Then you should move on to obtaining some Sisters of Battle. With these steps completed you fullfill the basic needs for an army comrpising of both codexes. You then just need to fill out on what you want to expand your army.

    Imperial Guard in Witch Hunters

    The main advantages are that taking Imperial Guard will open up a larger range of weapons for the army to play with. One such is the battle cannon mounted on a Leman Russ. Such power cannot normally be attained and makes a nice addition to support.

    While Guardsmen themselves aren’t amazing the massed amounts of shots they can unleash is very threatening, considering their cheap points cost. But they also open up many armoured fist squadron opportunities which can be used in place of using the more expensive Inquisitional Storm Troopers.

    Armoured Company:
    With extensive use of Armoured Fist Platoons, Sentinel squadrons and Rough Riders combined with Transported Storm Troopers and Inquisitors you can build a very fast army which has access to many long ranged weapons. Because of the large selection of weaponary when playing with these units you can assign different squads different tasks and have the mobility to monuver to the correct possitions. With the versatility of chimeras there is is always the option of holding a static firebase of assault into an enemies posisiton. Because an Imperial Gaurds hitting power up close is not as powerful as that of Sisters of Battle it is crucial that strikes are chosen with care. A reserve squad of Sisters can also remedy this. Rough Riders provide a powerful charge with their spears on the charge which can break down front lines.

    Infantry Company:
    With the sheer amount of infantry that can be bought an large infantry army availiable. This will enable you to afford many of the long ranged support such as Lascannons and Missle Launchers to support the leading front force that can be comprised of Sisters or Storm Troopers. As opposed to support the cheap infantry allows you to charge up the battlefeild in a large block of models. Grenade Launchers and Storm Bolters help in an army such as this. Leman Russ Battle Tanks and Exorcists offer much needed punch in long ranged support.

    For more information on the Witch Hunters side of the army click on the guide in my signiture.
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