How about trying three Dominion Squads loaded out with Meltaguns/Krak Grenades and riding three Immolators with Multi-Meltas (Three Elites; Three Heavy Support choices)? Moreover, one could give the Celestian Command Squad and Battle Sisters Squads Multi-Melta/Meltagun to act as a fire base... Although, admittedly, the range/weapon type of the Meltagun would make it unsuitable as a stationary fire support weapon, it would still be able to give an extra chance to take out any tanks attempting to tank shock.

Furthermore, under the TVR, the squad that is inside the Immolator (unlike the Razorback) may fire from the rear hatch just like a Rhino, and, as Battle Sisters wear power armour, the vehicle would not count as open-topped. :lol:

Lastly, the '12", Assault 1' nature of the meltagun (or FOUR of them&#33 makes it suitable for firing in such a manner. Granted, the lack of range is still disturbing, but a Dominion Squad in an Immolator is a very potent anti-tank weapon...

Being an Imperial Guard player and all (who usually sits back and shoots...typically), that's what I would do...but Guard have more long-range tank-busters, i.e. Las/Battle/Demolisher/Earthshaker-Cannons).

(Nevertheless, I have tried using Storm Trooper Squads with two Meltaguns mounted on a Chimera with varying levels of success...would this apply to SoB?)