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    Need help: Pure or Inducted?

    I'm considering starting a DH army, and I can't choose between pure Knights or Stormtroopers. My main issue: Money :ph34r:

    So...which way do I go?

    Scratching head in confusion,

    Defy not the Sons of Russ.

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    doing a puritan army will certainly cost less money in the long run. but honestly. dont base an army on how much money u can spend

    base the army off of what you think will be fun to play.

    if u want, have GK AND stormtroopers.

    which fluff do u like better? do u plan on wanting an assassin. which one?

    do u plan on wanting an inquisitor?

    do u want to make a mech army? it is possible if u induct a lot of IG.

    there are a billion more questions. in the end. do which ever you like the most. just remember some simple rules:

    if u want daemonhosts, you cant use GK.

    if u want dreadnoughts or land raiders, you need GK hero.

    if you want assassins, you need some sort of inquistitor.

    also remember, you can always induct Space marines if u got radical, or either way you can allie witch hunters or induct IG.

    so take these things into consideration. read teh DaemonHunter FAQ about 1000times. read some sample armies and stuff and some advice given about them... and then determine it.

    anyone who says one style is better then the other is not cool (well not really, but if they say that, they are giving the wrong advice) cause honestly, it comes down to which style YOU like the most, and which style makes the game fun for you. personally, i prefer to mix and match everything. i got GK with inducted IG and a few inquisitors and an assassin. whatever floats yer boat really...

    anyways, Daemon hunters are hard to start but get easier in the long run. its all about learning how to play them tactfully because you can be at a bit of a disadvantage to other armies. but i personally like that about them. so anyways, yah, welcome to daemonhunters!!!!

    i hope some of this rambling helps you!
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    As stated above, it really boils down to how you view the Inquisition. Do you like the firebrand puritans? The pious grey knights? the devious 'the end justifies the means' radicals? Do you want a small Inquisitor and entourage, with armies inducted in his service? Do you like an Inquisitor with his perosnal bodyguard of IST?

    The list goes on...

    Tell use how you view the Inquisition, and your favorite parts, like if you just like grey knights, and not the Inquisition. Answer some of these questions, and we can help you out more.

    -The God of all Machines

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    Grey Knights, pure or not, are a pain to start, but my god once you get the ball goin it becomes worthwhile

    just go box by box- get some knights first, this in itself is expensive (i suggest blisters bcoz they all have nemisis weapons, i dont use GK special weapons). then get a box of guard. it makes the process much easier once you get guard bcoz u have some meat to start playing some small games. (if you get tired of the guard get a box of sisters. and you can use them all together!)

    i feel you should start here first but, as stated above, you still need a good hard think about what tickles your imagination
    Last edited by jONESIE; November 29th, 2006 at 13:15.
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    You need more Mordians?
    They still exist?

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