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Thread: Anti-tyranids

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    how would i counter a force of 102 tyranids( ) with a 1500 point witch hunter force? this force includes an exorcist,St. Celestine, vindcare and various other units

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    I think you should ask: What force should I build to counter 102 models-worth Tyranid army? Vindicare for example seems not appropriate here at all, unless you can single out the mind-controlling bugs (can you?) in your shooting... What will your =][= do? Not every roster will fare well against such opponent. Also, what specific units will you face? What models do you have in your collection?

    I played only one or two games vs. Nids and had my butt handed to me by two Carnifexes and a flying Tyrant... All I can say - Exorcists, lots of heavy bolters and open ground are your friends... Any flamer will get assaulted before you fire it. Basic SOBs run the same risk...

    I hope other players will be more helpfull...

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    In this thread, several witch hunters and tyranid experts contributed - you'll find it helpful i'm sure

    P.s I've refined my opinion. Flamers aren't actually that usefull unless you can have a boosted move - because all nids can out charge the flamer range.

    g'luck against the implacable hive mind!
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    My exerpt from Anti-tyrannids thread:


    Quote Originally Posted by Mougie
    Might sound like a stupid question but...

    im looking at starting a SoB army and its been a long time since ive seen one out and about, i was interested in how the new CC troops like the penitent do against heavily CC orientated armys like the nids and how would u use them in a game like this?
    The combat units in the Witch Hunters codex are quite good. The penitant engine and arco flaggellants in particular. Think of penitant engines as a sort of dreadnought but not as heavily armoured that can run an extra D6" during shooting. Because it has an armour value it means most infantry weapons won't effect it, bolters for example, so it does not fall under threat from rapid fire like nomral close combatants. They do however like any vehical suffer from being destroyed in one hit if the shot does happen to be strong enough. Anyways, these are very cheap for what they do points wise so having squads of three will garentee them getting into combat. Once again because of the armour value instead of toughness, many models will struggle to kill them once enaged.

    Arco-flaggellants are also quite tough, they have an ability to release large amounts of power weapon attacks at high strength so it makes them rather deadly. I won't go into them much but they are basically small units that are tough and can dish out a fair bit of damage.

    As for your question on effectiveness against heavy combat armies, I reakon they would do quite well. Both are rather tough and can push back a squads and rival the tougher monsters, though saying this they arn't invincible. The total effetciveness is really based on how well you use them. But pitted against what most combat troops have to offer they will put up a decent fight.

    Quote Originally Posted by Karmoon
    What tactic of nids would you say the sisters are most susceptable to? Deep striking raveners? Being tied in combat by leaping rippers?
    What would you do against them?
    (p.s. sorry, don't mean to put you on the spot, but you seem to speak sense).
    Sure no problem.


    Firstly formation is not the only tactic in game. In fact I personally frown upon formation, just because a unit can move fast does not mean they should be put in flank or slow units should be sheided either side by fast. I base my own deployment determined on terrain and what your opponent has. I have my units sheilded from shooting if possible, make sure open areas are accessible to long range shooting, look for safer paths to move combat units (opponent would most likely use this too), areas safe to monuver vechicals or fast moving units etc.

    Also being next to terrain does not nessicarily mean a squad is safe, sometimes it may be an idea to deploy something like 18" from a peice of terrain just to mark it from attackers. This is quite effective especially if there's space and you think your opponent will use that certain route to engage combat, it would leave a large open space in which you can happily shoot away without much fear (something like a slaughter spot). If your army is mobile you could probably happily deploy your army neglecting such threats so your opponent thinks it's an opening and spend the first turn rapidly redeploying your force.

    Mobility and Speed:

    Speed is a main aspect that would make combat armies effective, though this is generally true for most armies and not just for combat. Against tyrannids this is what I would watch out for the most. Deep strikers and infiltrators arn't as threatening as they first seem. Genestealers I believe forgo their fleet of foot ability if they chose to infiltrate and Raveners can't charge the turn they deep strike. So how do we deal with such things?

    Speed, hormagaunts have lots of it and often are underestimated. Pitching hormagaunts against space marines in equal points values I place my money on Hormagaunts when it comes to combat, just because of their rediculous charge distances and amount of attacks. This can be remedied in two ways. You can shoot them before they get into combat or you can sheild your troops with a transport. Their strength generally means they struggle to harm vehicals. Flamers are a good way to deal with these and other units like them (Genestealers, other gaunts, ravenors etc) With a transport you can do both options.

    Against things that unexpectedly turn up like reserves, deep strikes and infiltrates it's always good to have some fast units about. Seraphim are great for this. Not only can they pull out of combat if they get caught they have jump packs that allow them to react quickly to unexpected threats. For example, A ravenor deep strikes next to your exorcist (won't happen for players with sense but purely as an example), if you had some seraphim relatively close by or a transported sister squad you can move them to counter the effects of ravenors being there with rapid fire or such.

    The annoying ones:

    These can be rippers and he tougher creaures. When it comes to these hihg strength weapons are probably best to play. I know how deadly base swarms can be, especially held in large numbers, the best way to deal with such things is to just instant kill them, exorcists, melta and plasma weapons. Same goes for the tougher creaures although when it comes to their case rapid fire with "divine guidance" can work just as well provided you can still wound (I don't think there are toughness 7 or higher creatures in the tyrannid army).

    This brings forth units such as Storm troopers (You can also add a multi-laser and heavy bolter which helps very nicely against rippers), Dominions (Don't forget the immolator on top) and Exorcists. Other units can deal with them as well but I recommend these most if you choose to designate any squads to deal with those types of units specifically.

    Don't forget you can make your squads even more effective by equipping the Veteran superiors with Melta or plasma type weapons, these guys do not have to be limited to carrying combat based weapons, if you can have 5 melta weapons in a single squad why not? I personally prefer to increase in what sisters are good at rather than make up for weaknesses (in this case it would be combat ability, but i prefer to increase shooting ability since if you kill the opposing squad you needn;t worry about combat)

    Saying that though it does pay to be prepared sometimes. Giving your superiors an Evicerator would mean she can match up to the tough creatures and instant kill ripper swarms, but note, wheather she gets a chance to use it is an issue in itself, even if she did, can she deal enough damage to sway the tide of combat....highly unlikely against swarms, not so unlikely against small warrior squads.

    In General:

    I've only mentioned how you can combat tryannids units with some set-ups since it really comes down to the player how well they do against the opponent.

    Overall I would have to mention mobility is a good key to winning, with this you at least match up to the opponents movements and react to them. On top of this you increase the chances of doing rapid firing or just striking important models. For exmaple, Dominions with meltaguns, on foot they can be easily caught into combat before they shot their weapons, with a transport they can move up to something like a hive tyrant and release a volley of shooting before it has a chance to react. Being able to hit a tyrannid army before it can do something to you is my best bet on beating them, but I would say the same thing against any other army with any other force.

    Anyways I hope this answers your questioning. took a while to type too :/
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