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    inquisitors assassin combo

    I've only played games and built lists incorporating a 237 point =I= Lord/Retinue HQ, and I've usually taken an eversor or a callidus assassin.

    HQ usually looks like this:

    =I= Lord with Psycannon, Emporer's tarot, Psychic Hood
    Retinue with 2 HB Servitors, 1 PC Servitor, 2 Sages, 2 Mystics.

    puts out alot of firepower and has never been removed from play by enemy action. Usually makes its point backor better.

    The combination eversor and HQ = 332 points. That's a considerably well-equipped FAGK squad, or almost 3 max-sized IST squads with 2 special weapons. It's also roughly the points cost of 2 IST squads with 2 special weapons AND a chimera for one of the squads.

    My lists are usually shooty, and work best as a shoot and then assault the remnants of hte enemy army. But there is still decent mobility via the mobile troops. Not needing to get into specifics regarding the troops, just giving an idea of what my set up can do.

    Loosing the HQ and assassin, I can build something that approximates a more traditional list that actually combines the best aspects of IG (raw firepower) and marines (toughness/durability).

    In 2000, I could field 2 FAGK squads, a GKT HQ, a guard platoon, a guard AF squad, a leman russ, and a pair of IST squads in chimeras. 4 vehicles, solid firepower,and lots and lots of GK's --roughly 30. 85 models in total, with 3 chimeras, and a battle tank. The downside is I would not fare as well against daemon bomb armies or armies with lots of deep strike.

    What do you veterans think about this type of setup for DH? Thanks.

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    Having played around with a bunch of lists, assassins in general are pretty hit and miss. Sometimes they'll go great, other times your eversor will only succeed in a couple of attacks and then gets mauled with a powerfist, or your vindicare fails to wound in 3 of the 5 shots that hit in a game. Taking a squad of ISTs instead is the safe bet, because you're generally assured that they'll at least do SOMETHING, even if it IS just taking more fire than the assassin.

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