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Thread: storm lords

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    storm lords

    Im starting a storm lords chapter and i would just like to know if they had any traits. And if anyone has any fluff on them. it would be appreciated.

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    from Wikipedia:

    Storm Lords

    A Second Founding chapter of the White Scars. Their power armour is painted half-white half-red with yellow helmet. The chapter's symbol is a skull superimposed over three lightning bolts. The Storm Lords participated in the effort to free the Crimson Fists' homeworld from the Orks.
    There is conflicting fluff as to the chapter's organisation: some sources claim it is a Codex chapter with the helmet being painted in the company colour, other sources claim it follows the White Scars division into "Brotherhoods" in which case the helmet colours are an unknown quantity.

    WH40K: Banners and Badges has a link to banners/badges etc.

    Since they are a second founding from the White Scars, it is my guess their use of bikes would still be favored. However that is just a guess on my part, so you could probably feel free to use whatever traits you want :yes:


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