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Thread: Krieg rules

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    Krieg rules

    So, I was looking through the experimental rules for some of the death korps models, and I have to say that I like them a lot. I've always been a fan of the heavy stubber and the centau artillery tractor seems like a very cool vehicle. For a little less than 100 points you can get the heavy mortar and the tracter and it seems like a decent deal. What do you guys think of it?

    Here is the link to the rules: Link

    I also had several questions about some of the things that the rules didn't seem clear on (although since they are experimental, I guess they may not be able to be answered and it doesn't matter that much but I thought I would ask them and see if anyone knew)

    1. Are the crew of the centaur and mortar counted towards the transport limit?

    2. When the mortar is hooked up can it be shot at or can you only shoot at the transport, since it says that it deploys like infantry embarking or disembarking from a vehicle?

    3. Are there any rules for the heavy stubber teams or point costs? I'm not looking for the rules printed, I just can't remember seeing them ever in an IG codex so I just want to know if they exist.

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    1. yes. it says it can transport 5 men. true, you can use them to transport a command squad, but if you want them tow the mortar, you obviously want it to transport the crew also, which consists of 3 models. so 2 places are still free.

    --> actually, you shouldnt move the mortar, as you lose a turn of firing. just deploy them in the right place. so theres basicly no need for the transport. but if you purchase it together with the mortar, you can use it to transport vet.squads or HQ.

    2. you kinda answered your own question. it is treated like infantery em/disembarking a transport. now, you cant shoot at infantery in a transport, can you?

    3. they most probably do exist, but will be printet in an Imperial Armour book (from forgeworld) which is ridiculously expensive. but i guess they are just a twinlinked heavy stubber, which would be kinda weak for a heavy weapon. but maybe they count as assault or rapid fire weapons....
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