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    Dearh Corps of Krieg-Need Background

    Hi all gaurd players.
    I am planing on building a DKOK force very slowly as they cost one heluva lot. 32pounds for 10 men.
    Well as you can see I am mad but yes

    So could any of you please see if you know anything about them and what there back ground is and the likes.
    I have the skelaton of it but could you give it flesh.


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    Building a Death Korps army eh? Your a braver man then i.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    Death Korps of Krieg

    In 433.M40, the Autarch of the planet Krieg in Segmentum Tempestus declared himself independent from the Imperium and renounced the Emperor as his divine master. Regiments raised on Krieg to crush this rebellion acted with commendable haste and righteous fury. The now infamous Colonel Jurten of the Krieg 33rd unleashed a campaign of atomic cleansing that was to turn into a scourging that lasted five hundred years and transformed Krieg into a toxic, ash-polluted wasteland. The survivors of Jurten's retribution were forced to exist in underground bunkers or deep in the radioactive chem-wastes, as their descendants do to this day. From the self-annihilation of their home world, the Death Korps was born.

    As penance for the Autarch's heresy, the Death Korps regiments each embarked on their own quest for absolution, constantly requesting transfers to the most lethal warzones throughout the galaxy. Every soldier in the Death Korps is proud of the regiment's part in the purification of Krieg and they despise the cowardice of lesser men that would flinch from such acts. The regimental creed is to eradicate heresy and weakness wherever it is found and on numerous occasions Death Korps forces have been reprimanded for their excessive use of force and unsanctioned genocidal campaigns.

    The Death Korps are fearless warriors, never flinching even in the face of sudden death, which they see as atonement for the rebellion. They see their deaths fighting in war as penance for the heresy of their ancestors. They are dedicated trench and siege warfare masters, and many times tend to use battalions of Death Riders, a local form of Rough Riders, which are used widely in the Imperium for flash attacks. However, the Death Riders do not ride normal steeds (as their battle brothers); rather, the Death Riders use either heavily "re-built" steeds with metal implants to increase their endurance in battle, or a totally robotic steed.

    Appearance-wise, the Death Korps are similar to the Steel Legion, but wear greatcoats instead of trench coats, much darker colours, use lasrifles and their masks usually have a skull motif. Of all the regiments of the Guard, they are the most gloomy and dark, both in appearance and in spirit. They bear a strong resemblance to the German army in World War I, in tactics (trench warfare) and appearance. It should be noted that the regiment uses German words such as Panzer frequently. Krieg translates to War, in German.

    Forge World has designed and released infantry models for the Death Korps.
    "Hey sarge, this lasgun is heavy. I wish we had something lighter."


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