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    Preheresy Worldeaters

    Ok, I have recently finished my Chaos Worldeaters army and am toying with the idea of doing a preherecy worldeaters force (as the title may suggest), just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what traits and drawbacks I should take.

    I know they were always partial to a bit of hand to hand combat so am thinking of going for 'take the fight to them', is it worth taking another?

    With trait drawbacks, I'm not sure where to go, did the worldeaters use many heavy weapons before they turned to khorne? Did they ever have librarians? etc

    A few point to note are that I will probably only do about 1500 points worth and will probably use all three fast attack slots on the FOC.

    I'm still undecided on this idea as I dont want a force that plays just like my chaos army, but any help will b appreciated

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    This thread looks like it's been up for a while, but I'll reply anyway!

    The World Eaters used a lot of pistols yes, but not exclusively. Were I you, I'd go with either Take the Fight to Them OR No Mercy, No Respite to represent the berserk rage they were wont to fight in.

    Also, they used a LOT of jump packs, so that trait that allows you to take more of them (I don't remember...Blessed are the Warriors?) would be good too.

    As for drawbacks, they used heavy units, but not a lot of them. In fact, very few heavy weapons at all, except on vehicles.

    So you could do an Assault Company with tons of jump packs backed by a highly aggressive bolter-wielding element that can lay down fire or assault as necessary.

    One last thing, look up their color scheme before you paint them, because they had white and blue armor!

    Hope this helps! : )

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