I've been thinking about putting together an Ogryn heavy Guard army, but don't really want to spend the money for the Ogryn and I'm not enough of a modeler to convert OK Bulls. I'd also considered doing an Adeptus Mechanicus army since I like the fluff alot. It just occurred to me that I could combine the two and possible pull this off fairly cheaply.

Basically, this would be a Skitarri force with heavy support. I'd be fielding a Guard HQ with Autocannon support squad and attached Commissar (Tech Priest) and 2 minimum Guard Platoons. I'm thinking ML/PG for the squads and Medic/3 PG for the Cmd. squads. I'd also have 2 Hellhounds and either a regular Leman Russ or a Demolisher. Finally, the Elites would be 3 squads of 5 Ogryn + Bonead in Chimera.

So I'm thinking about using Combat Servitors as the base for my Ogryn. I can easily mount them on the larger bases, and adding some sort of gun shouldn't be difficult. Or some of the Gun Servitors would probably even work unmodified.

So, anyone likely to complain about this from a counts as standpoint? Any simple suggestions on conversion?