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    Troops based armies??

    Ok, wanted to get some peoples opinions on completly troops based armies up against whichever armies... and what armies would be difficult to beat with a troops based army??
    A couple of examples of the lists i was thinking about. Lets just say we allocate 150pts for the compulsary HQ choice to make a decent HQ to help out with any close combat situations. I was thinking of a Canoness with all the trimmings, Jumppack, cloak, book, inferno pistol and blessed weapon.
    For a 1500pt battle this will allow for x6 units of Vet Sup with Power weapon (would be useful in c/c with elites / Hq's etc), x2 special weapons, x1 Imagifier and x9 - 10 bolters depending on which special weapons were taken. ( I would personally take the Melta's for the Strenth value and 2d6 Arm pen to take care of any Vehicles.)
    For a 1000pt battle was thinking of dropping the power weapons for the Vet's and the Imagifier and just fielding the HQ with x4 units of Vet, x2 special weapons and x12 -13 bolters.

    On a standard 4 x 4 table i think a troops based army has plenty of firepower and the depth (numbers) and wisw use of the acts of faith, to make it withen range to do serious damage to other armies.
    But would like other peoples opinions, especially on wat armies would be particulary hard to beat with list sort of list.

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    Pure troops armies can work excellent as I've myself found in the past. There are just a few areas in which this type of army needs to address for it to function as a winning formula.

    In general, sisters are the most cost effective unit to carry power armour, a large wall of power armour is generally slow but will be able to ward of hits to enable them to march towards the opponent as rapid fire, this will be your greatest strength so you should ideally monopolise on it, buying cheap troops and as many of them as possible. Also the first few turns will be brutle on your part but don't let this get you down, which is why numbers is important for this army.

    The army is considerably slow so faster armies can happily dance around you, never letting you near them or strike a dicisive hit where you are weakest. To counter this you need something equally as fast, Seraphim and Jump Pack Cannonesses are your counter to this and you will need some to beat the opponent at his own game.

    Lastly the army will be troops heavy, this means packed and close. Close combat armies will see this oppitunity to use your own units to leap frog their way through your army, killing it in close combat slowly but surely. To counter this again, seraphim will enable you to deal with such threats before they reach the main body of troops, also consider careful deployment and manouverings, making sure each unit can cover the other but not so that they are within charging distance of each other. This is easily grasped after a few games.
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