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    Practicality of fast moving Space Wolf list?

    How feaseable would it be to to take jump packs and bikes with a space wolf list? Meaning that Troop choice 1 and 2 are the only things on foot. HQ characters having bikes and jump packs and the fast slots all used up. 2 for blood claw bikers with wolf guard and 1 for land speeders. Anyone thought of this? be very good for maneuvering power fists, melta bombs and a meltagun or two.
    I figure the potential for 3 power fists per blood claw biker squad (wolf guard could have one bringing it up to 3) would be nice mobility. Jump packs? Bikes? Imagine 8 to 10 bikes in a squad (that's if they have a wolf guard and another character joined) charging at initiative 10 for the first round of combat (Rune Priest casting storm caller. Read the FAQ if you are a naysayer) with a meltagun, 3 hidden power fists and an HQ character or two with frost axes and perhaps melta bombs.

    I'm working on resurrecting my space wolf army and thought I might try a more fast and in your face style this time around. I'm working on 1500 and 1700points since that's what I play most often.

    Would like advice on how to handle this idea or to scrap it.

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    Great idea, I toyed with this myself but I just didn't want to get all the bikes, but in the end I'm still getting some for the army I'm planning. Blood Claw Bikers are insane on the charge, the only loyalist chapter that can get 3 attacks on the charge from their bikers. They're also slightly cheaper and the twin linked bolters do wonders for their shooting. One thing you might want to consider is putting in a Wolf Priest with healing potions and balms. Saving one of those expensive bikers is a great idea.

    In terms of supporting your bikes I guess some vindicators could be fun. The two troop choices could just be some grey hunters running behind taking objectives. You said you'd put in Land Speeders and they'd be pretty nice as well. One thing that just about every list should have is Space Wolf Scouts. Use them to completely screw with your opponent. Other than that, maybe some whirl winds to help thin out horde armies so you don't get bogged down in CC, you can't afford to spend turn after turn not getting the charge.

    How ever, I don't like the Jump troops. They're good but that extra toughness from the bikes plus the twin-linked bolters just sells them. I also LOVE turbo boost. Gives guard fits when they can't blast you away anymore. Anyways great idea, good luck on getting all you need.
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    Blood Claw bikers most certainly work. I use them in packs of 3 of 4 with a Wolf Guard or an HQ to give them more backbone. However, I only use them in support of the infantry.
    If you're going to focus on them though, taking them in packs of 6 wouldn't be a bad idea at all, with 1 or 2 WG/HQs. Taking packs of 8 BCs I don't recommend as with a total number of 9-10 bikers does become quite unwieldy. I wouldn't go past a total of 7-8 bikes including assorted characters.

    Currently I'm thinking about fielding a small pack of them with a WGBL in a 1k army and advancing them behind a couple of Grey Hunter filled Rhino's.

    If you're going with a large pack of them I'd seriously consider sending a Wolf Priest of a Rune Priest with them, who can be of great value with the Herbs or Storm Caller.
    Note that a Rune Priest with the Chooser and a storm shield makes a perfect bike character.

    As for armament, I'd give the BCs themselves powerfists but giving any Wolf Guards and HQs attached to them initiative weapons. My favourites are frost blades for the HQs and twin lightning claws for the Wolf Guards. Though the latter are pricy it is worth it.
    In a small pack of BCs I'd keep with power weapons instead of fists.

    I don't know much about them jump packers, never used them.

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