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Thread: New Rule...

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    I had an idea for a new rule. Something to bring a little more strategy to the table (pun intended).

    Prisoners of War Rule:

    You can elect any Independent Character in your army to be taken prisoner by an enemy unit. Your character cannot make any attacks of any kind while prisoner. Your character cannot be harmed while prisoner, and moves as a part of that enemy unit. The character must be unaccompanied by a retinue of any kind when taken prisoner. To be set free, the enemy unit must be completely destroyed.

    To be eligible for POW status, this character must:

    -Be identified as an Independent Character in your Codex.
    -Have only 1 wound remaining.
    -Be unaccompanied by a retinue of any kind. The character can start the battle with a retinue, but they must be either killed by the enemy, or sacrificed by you before the character can be imprisoned. This would reflect the character sacrificing his own freedom in exchange for the safety of the retinue. As such, the retinue would flee, taking them out of play for the rest of the battle.

    The imprisoning enemy unit must:

    -Be at least 50% strong.
    -Be identified as able to capture mission objectives in appropriate Codex.

    While imprisoned, your character:

    -Cannot make any attack of any kind.
    -Cannot be attacked in any way, but if the character falls under a template, he will take a hit like the rest of the models, with saves as normal.
    -Will be moved by your opponent with his unit, and must follow rules of unit coherency.
    -Cannot impede line of sight in any way.
    -Will not affect battle outcomes, Morale checks, or any other aspect of gaming, except the character WILL count against room in Transport vehicles.

    To be set free:

    -You must destroy every member of the enemy unit.

    Once free:

    -Character returns to play as normal.
    -Character can move up to 2D6". This move is made in the following Movement Phase instead of the normal movement allowed.
    -To represent the mental fortitude required to survive being a POW, Character benefits from one of the following on a roll of D6:

    1-3 +1 Toughness. This one's obvious!!
    4 Deception. You can move one enemy unit up to 6", as long as you pass a Leadership Test. Possibly due to false information given to the enemy during interrogation?
    5 +1 W. Ever hear of the Geneva Convention? Maybe they gave him some medical treatment.
    6 +D6 Attacks (no fewer than 3) in next Assault Phase. Revenge!!!

    Obviously, there are a lot of players who wouldn't want to take any prisoners. That's why it's not up to them!! But, to be fair, if one of your units is forced to take a prisoner, then they cannot be fired at with any template weapons, nor can they be tank-shocked or pinned. In addition, if that unit is assaulted, they may elect one model to fight in C.C. with the prisoner, instead of the assaulting unit. The outcome will only confer wounds (no advancing, consolidating,...).

    This rule is meant for a large game, maybe 2000+ pts. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

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    Yes i'm really going to choose one of my characters to be held as prisoner when i could be using the Ld and fighting abilities of the character aren't I? (Sarcasm)
    and it is just too complicated for what it is. it would just put one player at a disadvantage.

    Geneva convention - it's the 41st millenium so i doubt it exists.

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