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Thread: necrons

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    hello imperial scum

    ive been doing a couple games with my necrons against imperial guard and ork and absolutely slaughter them. do you generally have a hard time against crons, and if so why?

    Quote Originally Posted by hellebore
    Necrons are giant hulking self-repairing robots running on subspace zeropoint superstring subatomic technorape energy. Somehow I reckon that would make you a little harder than a marine with crabs.


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    The only time I have lost agaist necrons, I was fielding an entire company contingent of guardsmen (about 120 guard), and a monolith deepstriking midst them destroyed 7 squads of infantry in one use of its particle whip or whatever that thing is.

    That hurt! But it was a story-ish game in the GW store, run by a staff member, and not a proper battle, so hey.

    Normally, necrons seem to pose no real threat to me. I have more long range heavy hitting weapons than them, my battle cannon shots ruin their day, and when they get close I deliberately swamp them in hth, not to meantion the large amounts of plasma and melta guns I will hit them with first.

    But then again, maybe its just the people I play against, and their severe lack of passable tactics.

    The same might go for you, and the people you play against.

    P.S When the void dragon awakens, should my skitarii answer the call, or should they stand up against the abomination that is the machine-god of mars? Its gonna be a schism, and its gonna be HUGE!
    "Pickles, the drummer, doodily doo. (Ding-dong, doodily, doodily, doo.)"

    Also, you should google "garfield minus garfield". Awesome.

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