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    Guns and Chainsaws: a love story

    Is there a viable tactic that involves both Bolters and Chainswords in the same ARMY?! I ask because I have been having lots of trouble with my old marine army. I have tons of marines, but most of them are toting bolters. There are two units of ten on foot with chainswords and similar cc gear. The rest of my army is primarily assault marine squads. I love them, and I refuse to play defensively because I don't like the game to get bogged down with tanks sitting across the table shooting at eachother. If I was like that, I'd be in the Gaurd section right now.

    The truoble I have is that my assaulty guys are really good, and tend to smash people in combat where they have numeric/attack superiority. My guns are okay, but they don't ever pack a punch in the new rules (which DO favor lots of numbers, and lots of CC). The result is that I have say- 500pts tied up in useless shootig and another 500pts assaulting essentially 1000pts of enemy models. I want to use my guns. I want a 40k game that is somewhere between total and utter orkiness (turn 1-2:waagh! turn 3-6: locked in combat) and gaurd-all-shootiness.

    The only alternative I can see is saying to hell with it and ripping off alot of arms to play boring games of 40k.

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    Try the trait Trust Your Battle Brothers. It gives your marines True Grit, so they can carry around bolters and chainswords. First couple of turns you drop pod or drive up in Rhinos, hop out and do some shootin' then get ready for assault with true grit and counter assault.

    Should work fairly well, it's one of the more popular marine builds nowadays.
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