[1500] Space Marine Allied Grey Knights - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1500] Space Marine Allied Grey Knights

    I have colledt space marine blood angels for a while now i am thinking of collecting Daemon Hunters so this is sort of a linking army but all comments are welcome


    No Mercy, No Respite

    Die Standing


    Master of Sanctity
    Crozius Arcanum
    Bolt Pistol
    Frag Grenades
    Terminator Honours
    Jump pack
    Power Fist =137


    5 x Tactical Marines
    1 x Lascannon =90

    5 x Tactical Marines
    1 x Lascannon =90


    5 x Grey Knight Terminators
    1-Brother Captain-Sacred Incense or Unguents of Warding
    1 x Psycannon =280

    5 x Terminator
    2 x Assault Cannon
    2 x Chain fists =250

    Fast Attack

    10 x Assault Cannon
    1-Veteran Sergeant with Power fist
    10 x Furious Charge =280

    Land Speeder Tornado =80

    10 x Assault Cannon
    1-Veteran Sergeant with Power fist
    10 x Furious Charge =280

    The chaplin will go with one of the Assault squads. Also the Grey knight terminator will have either saced incesence if agaisnt chaso and urguents of warding for every thing else

    So comments Please

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    —Popular Mechanics , forecasting the relentless march of science, 1949

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    Your putting way to many points into terminators, Grey Knight and otherwise.

    Look at it this way, for 5 points cheaper than the Grey Knight Terminators(henceforth 'GKT') you can get 10 Power Armored Grey Knights(henceforth 'PAGK'), which do 2 things for you;

    1] they give you more numbers, with only 40 troops on the field otherwise which can give you a better chance of standing your groud if you have to, like when you reach an objective, you gotta hold it, hard to do with 5 marines, no?

    2] More Firepower. You get 10 storm Bolters instead of 5, and looking at teh rest of your list, you need as much anti-troop as possible and storm bolters are wonderful for that.

    Now, seeing as where here I'll also comment on the rest of the list.

    HQ: First off, he's illegal, hes got 3 one-handed weapons; Bolt Pistol, Crozius Arcanum and a Power Fist. I would drop the Powerfist as you don't want to waste the Chaplain's awesome Initiative and his Crozius Arcanum will lay waste to any trrops you assault. If your worried about tanks, take some yourself!(I'll get to that soon)

    Elites: As I said, drop the GKTs and get some PAGKs instead. I would also drop the Chainfists for two reasons; 1] your Assault Cannons should be able to waste any tank that gets too close and 2] If you do charge a tank normal Powerfists should be more than enough.

    Troops: Basically, you need more, if the take teh PAGKs instead of the GKTs that will go along way to helping shore up your troop numbers and your troop's strenght, other wise I'd try getting a third Marine squad or maybe even a scout sqaud in there to again boost the power of your foot troops.

    Fast Attack: First off, Assault Marines aren't Assault Cannons k? But right off I'd drop an Assault Squad as you've got more than a third of your army in just assault squads and just under half your armie's total points if you include the HQ. So I'd drop 1 of the squads and you can leave the rest. the Land Speeder is good, nothing wrong I can say about that.

    Heavy Support: Where is it? at 15 points you need some Heavy Support, now, if you did drop the Power fist from the HQ, the Chainfists from the Termies, swaped teh GKTs for PAGKs and dropped an assault squad, you should have 320 points left over. thats PLENTY for a good tank...

    Predator Annihilator
    TL-Lascannon (Anti-Tank = good)
    Heavy Bolter Sponsons (Anti-Troop = good)
    Extra Armor
    Smoke Launchers
    A very nice tank, the LAscannon is good for taking out those pesky tanks and the Heavy Bolters can kill a few Troops afterwards.

    Now this leaves you with still 182 points, now you have some options;

    1]Anougher Heavy Support selection, anougher tank perhaps?

    2] Dreadnoughts are nice, with an Assault cannons and thier close combat awesome-ness they can make a good companion to the PAGKs...(113 for plain + Extra armor and Smoke Launchers)

    3] Maxed out Marine Squad (170 points for 10 Marines, Missile Launcher and Plasmagun)

    4] CC Scouts (9 Scouts with Bolt Pistol(BP) and Close Combat Weapon(CCW) and 1 with BP and Powerfist(PF) and infiltrate)

    5] How about bikes? (178 points for 4 Bikes, 2 Meltaguns/Plasmaguns and a Sarge with PF)

    And there are still a few more options, depends on what fits for you.

    Welcome to LO and enjoy your stay, just work a bit on your basic grammer as here it's frowned upon I'm afraid.

    PS: Army Lists belong here: http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...rs-army-lists/

    Just FYI.

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    If you decide to drop the GKT and an assualt squad I would thoroughly suggest making a PAGK squad fast attack so that it can deep strike on top of that I would give either if not both the chaplain and the assault vet sgt a teleport homer so as to land ur termies and PAGk now refered to as FAGK(Fast Attack Grey Knights) with some luck on your oppenets doorstep on turn two. From Experience squads that arent equppied to handel combat will have a hard time taking down a squad of Grey Knights in combat.

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