Fellow SM players, I play DA, and just recently played a local tourney with my guard/DH, but wasn't entirely satisfied with the results, as short of cleanse, my somewhat static guard have a hard time dealing with objective based missions w/o being less effective than I would like them to be. Thinking of bring DA this time around, and was wondering what other people would take against these kinds of possibilties:

-Tau Empire (lots of kroot and IG traitors, backed up by some suits, firewarriors, hammerhead, and broadsides)

-SM (2 Land Raiders, 1 Land speeder, 6 termies w/ chaplain, couple tac squads, and some assault marines.)

-Vostroyans (couple platoons backed by 3 russes and 1 bassie. Several HW teams including 4 LC, 3 ML, and 2 Mortar. These guys get 4+ saves so bolters wont instant wound/kill them)

-DH with SM allies (Blood Angels with some inquisitorial stormies, and some GKs. Also has a callidus assasin that likes to come on and attack my HW teams.)

-CM( lots of MoK, including kharn, bezerkers, and lord with MoK and lots of demonic gifts (strength, visage, toughness ect). Backed by some Thousand sons, raptors, 2 tac squads, bikes, predator, defiler, and oblits.)

Wanting suggestions on what kind of DA force might be effective against most of these armies. The objective this past time was take and hold 3 different objectives, and time before that was pretty much cleanse, so i'm not sure what it will be this time. I have been pretty successful with my DA, but haven't really taken them to a tourney to go against such a wide variety of enemies with unknown objectives, so was wanting some suggestions on a well rounded force capable of handling pretty much anything that gets thrown at it (if at all possible). Thanks