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    SM Cities of Death Stratagems

    I’d like to open up a discussion on which Cities of Death Stratagems you choose for your Marines. If you post your choices, please explain why you choose them. Depending on the amount of posts, maybe we can develop a Cities of Death Stratagems SM Tactica, by editing from this post.

    I’ll open up with the Stratagems I consider using for my Marines. Choosing from the list is dependent on what my army consists of, the Mission and the terrain.

    Key Buildings

    Medicae Facility: If you really want to keep control of a building, or to keep one unit from dying, this is an excellent choice.

    Sacred Ground: This stratagem is useful if you need to keep hold of mission important buildings or choke points.

    Dirty Tricks

    Demolition: If your opponent is predictable or has a strategically dominant building, this Stratagem can really spoil his day.

    Fortifications: same as Medicae Facility. The high Cover save provided by Fortifications makes it very difficult to dislodge a unit defending the building. This is a very powerful choice for a key building.


    Combat Engineers: Gives the whole army useful skills, especially the Smoke Grenades. This is especially useful for Bikes, Assault Marines and Scouts armed with BP/CCW.

    Siege Shells: Good for Demolishers.


    Comparing Barricades and Tank Traps, I think that the Traps are more useful, as they still give a Cover save, and prevent access to most vehicles. My problem with this, is that it does not deal with Skimmers, i.e. Eldar, Dark Eldar, Necrons and the Tau.


    Sewer Rats: There will always be enough Sewer markers to make it difficult for your opponent to watch them all. Great for getting Terminators and BP/CCW armed Command Squads, Veterans and Scouts into Assault range.

    Deep Strike: Required to Deep Strike… ‘nuff said.

    Infiltrators: Required to Infiltrate… ‘nuff said.

    Although I can see good uses for the Power Generator and Ammunition Store, I think that the Medicae Facilities, Sacred Grounds and Fortifications are more useful.

    I find my Scouts with Bolt Pistols, CCW and Frags (sometimes with a Heavy Bolter) to be very useful in Cities of Death. Their Skills are often much more useful in these games.

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    My thoughts...


    * Ammunition Store:
    Especially for plasma-heavy squads with the Cleanse and Purify trait or just a Plasma Cannon Devastators squad it's good not to get fried that easily. But other armies profit more from this stratagem as they don't have as much BS.

    * Command Center:
    We can get Counter-Attack along with True Grit through traits - not a bad choice in cityfights for squads that are to occupy buildings and wait to be assaulted, striking first because of being in cover. And Target Priority is rarely an issue as you rarely draw LOS to more than one unit in such dense terrain.

    * Fuel Dump:
    If it's going against hordes with T3 and 5+ saves it's never bad to negate armor save and cover save all at once while wounding on a 2+ - burn!

    * Medicae Facility:
    Gain a sit-back shooty Death Company for free. Occupants ignoring wounds take a lot more force to drive away. Way to go!

    * Observation Point:
    Benefits all armies alike. But of course only useful if the Night Fighting rules are in use. That's not too often.

    * Power Generator:
    Nice. But I think the Medicae Facility is more useful overall. Our weapons have decent S already anyhow.

    * Sacred Ground: I think Veteran Sergeants and automatic regrouping in case are enough, and we also have the Reclusiarch for a building where it REALLY matters.


    * Booby Traps:
    Not our style. And not so useful on big boards anyhow. Maybe useful on small ones, then especially against MEQs.

    * Demolition:
    Again most useful on small boards. Or boards with few ruins. But I would only take it if your enemy is really easily predictable.

    * Fortifications:
    Wow. Makes your Medicae facility a Fortress Monastery. (Even all-Power-Weapon-wielding squads will be less of a problem as at least they will strike only after you have inflicted your injuries. With the possible exception of Banshees whose masks don't count as grenades and are therefore not negated by Fortifications... And barring Combat Engineers.)

    * Master Snipers:
    As our cityfight terrain is really very dense and there virtually are no major lines of sight snipers are not that useful. Besides, Sniper Rifles have bad AP, so even without cover the enemy will still have its armor save. So snipers at large are only useful against weakly armored foes very vulnerable to pinning on boards that don't force you to move every time you want to draw a LOS to an enemy unit.
    Even then this stratagem is probably less useful than others.

    * Plunging Fire:
    If you have many possibilities to place your troops above ground level this can be of some help especially against forces who would not get their armor saves against your bolters. But the enemy still has a cover save in the majority of times, so you're probably better off with other stratagems.

    * Preliminary Bombardment:
    I like that one. Especially if your enemy starts out occupying a lot of ruins and fields a lot of different units (more dice rolls = more hits). This -along with Fortifications- is probably the most useful Dirty Tricks stratagem.


    * Combat Engineers:
    Not bad if you tend to take the role of the advancing force. Especially bikes with free "smoke launchers" or Assault squads who do not want to risk taking casualties landing in difficult terrain but need a cover save.
    If your opponent loves Fortifications and/or Booby Traps this is the way to go.

    * Rapelling lines:
    We don't have skimmer transports unless you use vehicle construction rules.

    * Siege Shells:
    Good for the Whirlwind to wound high-T models with the side effect of possibly tearing down a building. Of course the better if you NEED to tear down buildings for the mission to succeed. Beware limited range though!
    Best combined with Preliminary Bombardment and Wrecker stratagems.

    * Wrecker:
    Good if you field a lot of Dreadnoughts. Better even in combination with Preliminary Bombardment and Siege Shells, as your walker will rarely survive -without moving- an average 4 turns needed to tear down a building all by himself.
    But good if you have tanks rolling up behind him for whom he can clear difficult terrain.


    * Barricades:
    If your board features little cover for a cityfight: go for the barricades to give you some more of it. Good for armies sitting back shooting, or to place them along your approach route, even though this will make your move very predictable.
    If you're a pro in psychological warfare you can make your opponent BELIEVE you are predictable by placing the barricades along a possible approach route but have something totally different in mind...

    * Razor Wire:
    If you are desperately searching for something to slow the Khorne Berzerkers' advance...
    Won't help you against Genestealers and the like though, because they all Move Through Cover.

    * Tank Traps:
    Space Marines have a lot of anti-tank and seldomly fear any vehicles. Most that are dangerous are walkers or skimmers anyhow...
    If you want the cover save for your troops then take the barricades.


    * Deep-Strike:
    The units I want to deploy via Deep-Strike (Terminators, with Teleport Homers) may do so anyhow.

    * Infiltrate:
    Good, especially the more Scouts you field. And Scouts ARE very good in cityfights! (Or if you are playing a See But Don't Be Seen army.)

    * Sewer Rats:
    Makes your movements less predictable and can really make an enemy's footing unstable. Even if you don't focus on close combat this can be of great help to your forces!


    My favorites at large are the Medicae Facility, Fortifications, Preliminary Bombardment, Combat Engineers, Infiltrate and Sewer Rats. But of course it depends very much upon the enemy force, the terrain and the mission being played.

    I agree that Scouts are very useful in cityfight missions as they advance further and still have cover saves against anything that pierces their armor (their drawback to Marines). Also they can be equipped with pistol and CC weapon (without traits) which is more useful in dense terrain than a bolter.
    The exception here is tactical squads with Trust Your Battle Brothers occupying ruins.
    Whirlwinds of course are great, but I find that many tanks perform better in cityfight missions than on other battlefields. Such as the Vindicator. I also like the Crusader in the streets. Anything that takes a glance around the corner will be entirely eradicated.
    And I still like my Terminators.

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    sewer rats and combat engineers for me.

    Getting in rapidfire range with a tactical squad without any risk sounds nice and now I don;t have to infiltrate them like normal.

    Combat engineers is so my assault marines get that cover save even in the open.

    Power Generator is god for me since I field little anti-tank. So now my assault cannons from my termis are S7. +1 for Tankhunters and you got S8 shots against any vehicles that get close. Not bad.
    Raven Claws Space Marine Chapter........2500 points
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