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    Clarifications and a little help.

    If I equip a unit with TP homer, how do I place incoming models?

    Also any must haves for 1000pt games besides the PAGKs. Is bringing my LRC a bad idea at this point level? Mainly fighting TAU and guard.

    Been running a variant of below around thousand points can't remeber it all right now

    HQ- Brother captian with Psycannon

    8 PAGK with justicar
    8PAGK with Justicar with 2 psycannon.

    10 IST+ vet and plasma in Rhone with smoke and armor


    Thanks in advance.

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    The teleport homer works the same way the SM one does. You can have your troops come in with in six inches of the teleport homer.

    At 1000 point games you really should not take a LRC. For the price of it you could get a Justicar and 8 PAGK for the same price.The squad that has the two psycannons in it. You can drop the two psycannons and take two more PAGK for the unit. You can also make a mini-purgation squad with the two psycannons that squad would cost you 200 points. Hope this helps.
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    Atlantic Warrior's advice is good, so I can only add:

    I like two dreads at 1000pts. One could be a TLLC/ML and the other a AC/CCW version or two of the former, but a LRC is DEFINATLY not so hot in 1000pts. Especially vs Tau with all those Railguns.

    At 1000pts I like just a hell of a lot of PAGKs with an Eversor Assassin and accompaning =][= with Psycannon.

    Cheers, DH
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