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    Witch Hunters and Dark Angels


    Forgive me if this is a stupid question (I am so very new to 40K):

    I am thinking of starting a Witch Hunter army, and noted in the codex I just bought, that a Witch Hunter army can take Space Marines (or Imperial Guards) as part of their force...with that being the case, since the Dark Angels are a "chapter" of the Space Marines (if I'm not mistaken), can I take them as part of my army, or can I only take Space Marines!?!

    I just think that the Dark Angel storyline kinda fits into the whole Witch Hunter fluff...

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

    ANOTHER QUESTION: When were the Witch Hunters introduced?! (i.e. which WD magazine did they first appear in?!)

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    Fluff-wise, yes, the Witch Hunters can induct the Dark Angels.

    Rules-wise, however, the Witch Hunters can only induct normal, unchanged Space Marines.

    By all means you can organise your inducted Space Marines in squads of either 10 or of 5, and paint them in Dark Angels colours, to reflect the Dark Angels sticking to the Codex, but you cannot use the Dark Angels special rules.

    If you really want, you CAN attach Witch Hunters units to a Dark Angels army, but I guess your best bet is an Unforgiven successor chapter as they can't ALL be exactly the same as the real Dark Angels.
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