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    Back to the Guard

    Well, I left them all half-painted and unbased for so long due to interests in other armies, but now I am thinking of returning to my Guard army.

    I was looking at infantry heavy really, with the only tanks being a couple of Leman Russ and maybe a Basilisk. The other idea I was thinking was to be very static and shooty, with each command section tooled up for a counter assault.

    One thing I am definately taking is a vet squad maxed with plasma guns and probably either an auto-cannon or a heavy bolter. Although that improved accuaracy could mean a more effective lascannon...

    Anyways, I was also thinking heavy bolters in each guard squad with plenty of anti-tank coming from support squads for my HQ squad.

    Are these ideas any good or effective? I have to admit that I haven't really played as Guard, but I have faced them a couple times and I have learned to fear heavy weapons and out-numbering.

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    Sounds like a good list idea. If you are going static and shooty perhaps get two bassies and drop the other russ. It would mean no armour for the enemy lascannons, (therefore wasting all of those higher strength shots on guard hehe).
    As for the vet squad perhaps get drop troops dont take a heavuy weapon 5 men three plasma drop it in somewhere to hold the enemy up. Sentinels are also good for this, multilasers or the cheaper varients are best, the more expensive ones should be kept near heavy armour so wouldnt fit here.

    Try not to put all anti tank in one set of troops. support squads can be fragile so its best to have a couple of missiles in the troops to balance it out, perhaps 1 in 3 with the other two being heavy bolters.
    As for command squads for countercharge. Keep the main HQ as stand and not do anything but leadership and a mortar. Then if the counterattack goes wrong at least your line should be ok for LD.

    For the counterattack units dont get more than 2 special weapons. Due to the long time waiting if they are oveloaded then you waste points. Keep these squads behind cover yet within 12" for LD only bringing them forward the turn before you want to charge or even the turn you want them. Somehting triumph usually suggests (which is a good idea) is to make the main officer an HSO and then use the honorifica to bump a platoon JO up for a second LD node.

    i think that about covers it!

    Hope that helps


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