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    Black Templar Bike Loadouts?

    I was flipping through the new DA codex, just seeing what they had, and the ravenwing bikes have some neat options. So, since I play BTs, I went over to their codex and took a gander through their bike options. What I saw was pretty interesting.

    The BTs can 3-5 bikes, and, more importantly, can take 3 special weapons with their bikes (like most armies), but the three can be Power Weapons (normal price), Meltagun (normal price), and/or Plasma Gun (about 1/2 cost compared to other armies).

    What then, do you think the most effective layout is for the bikes with a primarily footslogging BT list (nothing specific, but for example: Chaplain, EC, 2 squads of 15 and 2 squads of Las/Plas as a base).

    I've been debating between the 5-man w/3 power weapon unit (BT howling banshees) or the 5-man all plasma unit (shooty death). What do you think? All comments are welcomed.


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    Power weapons on your bikers is a waste because they get *1* attack each which means.. you're paying the cost of a predator for 3 power weapon attacks

    Plasma is dangerous on bikes because it still overheats due the plasma gun not being *on* the bike but carried by the rider. Bikes imo generally serve as good anti-tank or infantry and such I would go for flamers or meltas

    3 flamers that move 12" >>> plasma in terms of kill ratios and you have no danger of overheat killing your super expensive models. Flamers are also dirt cheap

    If you hit 6 guys with a flamer you're gonna wound 3 and kill 1 (marines.. Or kill 3 if they're a horde army).. A plasma will kill about the same marines and give you a risk of dying, and wont be effective vs hordes

    Where as meltas will kill big guys better than plasmas and have no risk of death to the user. Plasma on bikes is too generalized, thats why tacticals get them

    So, no power weapons.. 3 bikes = 3 attacks = 1 vet sarg lol all for the cost of 3 vet sargs

    Another interesting note... they exchange their bolt pistol for one of those weapons, but they dont have bolt pistols :p

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