i've found that conscripts, independent commissar and close order drill work great together. the leadership bonus from the commissar and close order drill give them the basic guard leadership of 7, with a freebie fail and then a ld 10, and the +1 initiative allows them to strike at the same time as marines, and even for the commissar to strike first or even with anyone but eldar exarch's. so even though he is an indepnedent character he'll usually get his damage worth especially when fighting marines, although its riskier to bring him to the front, as if he dies the unit is screwed. but this makes a pretty effective closecombat unit (and i use that term loosely), 5 flamers, and as far as hitting and being hit their the same as regular guard (4+ to hit, 3+ to be hit) but with their weight in numbers, an indy commie with powersword, i've actually turned the tide against marines with my conscripts.

just thought that was cool.