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    As we know, deep strike can be great or death. Since you place a unit in range of every rapid fire, assault weapon, the typical thought is bigger squads to survive. I'm flushing out a new strategy and wanted some feedback.

    What if you deep striked all available units on turn 4 (2+ roll). So far, the strategy goes like this:

    Turn 1:
    On board is any troop models, heavies, and transports if available. Take cover behind hills, transports, whatever.

    Turn 2:
    Attempt orbital lance in heart of enemy. get them to spread out, move up the board, anything. just scare them with the role attempt. Keep on board units in cover.

    Turn 3:
    Frustrated enemy moves away from orbital strike and toward hiding troops. Enemy naturally spreads outs a little. May even have LOS on ground troops.

    Turn 4:
    With a 2+ success rate you can deploy all deep strike GKs and two small squads of terms. By now you see by enemy movements where you want what. You can really get the matchups you need now. And with everything arriving at once. You can difuse enemy fire. If allowed you can even bring on a troop with transport as reserve such as a Land Raider with a gun servitor squad on the table edge and fire away all weapons. Enemy will most likely be completely in range. All in all, you will be able to use every assault weapon, every psycannon, and limited, if any incins.

    All DS at one time.
    Too many targets for enemy, can double or even tripple up on.
    You can pick better matchups since enemy has been spread out and frustrated by tactic ad orbital strike.

    4 turns in certain missions is too long to wait.
    No cover to hide, or board is too small.
    Enemy would have all of their reserves - on table at full strength

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    Mixed success.

    I've deviated, been shot to bits (even fielding max size squads) fallen into the Warp, and generally had very little luck with DS.

    However, the other options for getting into CC are somewhat limited.

    1) LRC
    2) Rhino deploy IST's or IQ + retinue for meat and vehicle shield to advance behind.
    3) As above, but advance shield across board.
    4) as 2 or 3, then DS behind cover that you generated.

    Or charge and hope with supporting fire to sweep targets out of the way.

    However, too many people rely on shrouding and as the averge roll is 31.5 ", i've never had luck with that either.

    Trick might be to try a LR Prometheus as you get troop transport to start with, AND re-roll one reserve roll per you can land vast amounts of GK's right where you need them.....can't ALL get shot, after all.

    Is that any help?
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    I'll come in again.

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