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Thread: Ideal army

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    Ideal army

    as you can easily predict, im a newbie
    A mexcano newbie!!!
    Im no , for i dont live up there. But im starting my own imperial guard army, but I think I have a problem
    The problem is that THIS is my army's concept

    cadian command squad
    2 walkers
    2 storm troop squads
    A LOT OF A LOT OF A LOTS AND LOTS OF shock troops

    I got the idea out of the fact that they are cheap, resource talking. But now that I think about it, it's a pretty dumb idea for an army. I dont know, maybe I should go with orks.

    Any way, what's the ideal way to use the imperial guard???

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    well to be honest i dont believe there is an "ideal" way of using the guard but the expected and generic way is to have many many troops supported by vehicles. Though you'll find many variations between guard players, the good thing about imperial guard is that they're flexible so you can make your own unique army and your idea is not dumb its all prefrence. It also comes down to who your opponents are after all. An infantry heavy army would work great against lets say those players who have a lot of high powerful single shot weapons (lascannons and rail guns) but also an all infantry army would be disastrous against someone packing things like heavy bolters or burst cannons.
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    All-infantry Guard armies are not all that rare, and I think they work very well. Our ability to take disgusting amounts of heavy weapons, hidden behind a crap-ton of cheap bodies is one of our biggest strengths. Plus such an army negates half of your opponent's arsenal, which should be baanced with a good amount of high-S guns for tank-hunting. That is, unless your opponent is a cheater and has tailored his army specifically to beat you.... which is lame. I would suggest getting a few tanks just to keep your regular opponents guessing, if they start fielding nothing but heavy bolters.

    Heavy Weapons platoons are the perfect HS choice, but I'd recommend keeping 2 Lascannon support squads in your HQ slot so you can deploy them last, after seeing where the enemy vehicles have been deployed. The Light Infantry doctrine (or just vets and stormies) are also good, because they let you spread out a little bit... a cramped deployment zone can mean Death in some situations. It's important to keep your squads spaced 7" apart to avoid consolidating enemies ripping your spine out, and spreading out the troops also helps deal with templates.

    Also talking about deployment, its good to keep your platoon sizes to the minimum 1 HQ and 2 Squads, and fill up all 5 troop slots before you start bulking up the platoons. This is because the longer your deployment takes, the better you can respond to your enemy, instead of letting him respond to you. Using all the elite slots helps too - plus our elite choices are excellent. Heck, even taking a couple HW platoons isn't such a bad idea in an big all-infantry army.

    Finally, just remember that your strength lies in your heavy weapons. The squad is primarily just a 10-wound barrier protecting that gun, which probably cost more to build than the lives of the Guardsmen operating it (I took some artistic liscence with that one). Oh yeah, Drop Troops is a sweeet doctrine to try out too, it's free and optional, so you can decide last-minute if you want to drop in a few squads. It keeps your options open. Suicidal, drop-trooping HQ squads with 4 meltaguns/plasmaguns/possibly even flamers are always fun to use. And every Guard player needs to try using democharges at least once.

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