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    "Real" Atlas ARV rules.

    I don't like the current Atlas ARV rules. I think it's not very realistic, so after reading FW things, British Army REME things and my uncle's acounts I've tried to make some better rules. (2 actually, a normal ARV and a better ARRV). Both have been up armoured, as most ARVs/ARRVs have similar armour to the tank chasis it is based on

    Armoured company rules:
    Elites choise. Techpriests may take this as a transport. (if TP is in army)
    Normal IG rules:
    Elites. Techpriest may take one as a transport (If TP is in army)

    Atlas ARV
    Armour: 13, 13, 12
    BS:4. weapons: heavybolter
    Crew: 3, guardsmen, weapons: lasguns/pistols BS:3 ,AS:5
    Transport 5: 1/2 techpriests and servitors
    Options: Everything except Hks.
    Rules: Recovery tow, shunt

    Atlas ARRV
    Armour:13, 13, 12
    BS: 4, weapons: heavybolter, pintle mounted stormbolter/stubber
    Crew: 3 guardsmen, weapons: lasguns/pistols, BS:3, AS:5
    Techpriest Commander: Techpriest Engineseer : Normal stats and eqipment
    Transport 5: 1/2 techpreists, servitors
    Options: Everything except HKs and pintle mounts.
    Rules: Recovery tow, Shunt, rolling tool kit, techpriest commander.

    Recovery tow: The Atlas gets in base contact with a vehicle (damaged, destroyed, fully functional whatever, friend or foe). The Atlas owner rolls a D6 and that is how far the Atlas will tow the vehicle. On the next turns the Atlas moves 6inches + D6 inches.

    Shunt: Works the smae way a tow but only works when the Atlas is equiped with a dozer blade/mine plough. The Atlas can shunt the vehicle anywhere (e.g. can push a chaos predator into difficult terrain and leave it)

    Rolling tool Kit: The ARRV makes it easier for a techpreist to repair a tank as it carries spare parts and mechanical books ect. This means that when rolling a D6 for a repair the roll is lowered from 6+ to 5+ (or lower if he has servitors). The result can be also be re-rolled.

    Techpriest commander: The Atlas is commanded by a skilled recovery engineseer. He can get in out of the tank as if it was a transport and can use the pintle mounted weapon. He has the standard equipment and stats as a techpriest and can take up to 75pts of equipment from the guard armoury. He can get in and out of the Atlas when ever he pleases, and can go as far away from the Atlas as he likes.

    I've used both in friendly games and it works (no-matter what the type of battle is). They have helped my tanks survive longer than 3 turns in both my armoured company and my normal guard.

    Questions? Comments? Any ideas about it?
    Thanks, ServanoTomasin

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