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    Hail Servant's of the Emperor!

    Yeah it's me again...looking for inspiration. See I play Space Marines as I've already said, and aside from our Gloriously reknowned Uber toughness and survivability I find that our Armies are not given much of the..personal touch, other armies units have. I'm looking for that fluff, special rule or unit you've created to fit your view of The Emperor's Finest! I'll give a few of mine below

    Again I play Black Knights, Custom Vanilla SM

    Okay, here we go...

    Thousand Swords Unit:
    Unit led by either (Chaplain, Libarian, ForceCommander) Taking up an HQ slot
    Unit must contain a full Ten Marines(Preferrably one from Each company, liek mine&#33

    It goes like this-

    "The Thousand Sword Unit of the Black Knights Chapter of his Emperor's most holy Space Marines is one of the Icon's of the Fledgling Chapter's unflinching honor. When a Large Engagment is forseen by the Chapter's Unestimable Librarian's, or It's Contant's with the Inquisitions(Chapter was created as an Ordo Militant of sorts), Then the Chpter Master comes before the great assmblage fo the Entirety of the Chapter and calls for the Finest warrior's from each Comany. It is then that the Ritual Duels are fougth between the Ten best Warriors within each company.(Inquisitorial Note: These are Highly honoured duels, and never to the death) Those who win and best their fellow warriors are granted one of the Chapters most Auspicious Honours, The Fidelitius Gaes. It is a badge permanantly attached the the Space Marines Battle honour, signifying his great service tot he chapter int his, the most esteemed gathering of battle brothers.

    NOTE: It is recorded that all brothes who have served in the Thousand Swords unit have their names added tot he Chapters First company standard, and their Power Armor added to the Chapter Reliquary"

    Profile for the Thousand Swords:

    Commander: Uses Librarian's, Force Commander, or CHaplians Profile
    The Thousand Swords:

    WS: BS: S: T: W: I: A: LD: Sv:
    5 4 4 4 1 4 2 10 3+

    Wargear: Power Weapons, If led by a librarian he may take his Force Weapon at +20 Pts. Up to two Models in the squad may be armed with Plasma Pistols, the rest carry Bolt Pistols, or Bolters +1 point per model. Any model may trade their Bolter or Bolt pistol for a Storm Shield for +8 Pts.

    The Unit is armed with Frag and Krak Grenades

    True Grit: When attacking the Thousand swords may count Their Bolters as an extra single handed weapon.

    Terminator Honours: Included Above

    Characters: Tech Marines or Apothocaries may be added tot he thousand swords but MUST be modeled and given a power weapon as such. You may have one or the other, or two of either. The cost for the unit is increased by 7 Points per Techmarine or Apothecary.

    Battle for Honour!: The Thousand Swords must ALWAYS move towards an Enemy HQ unit if in sight, thought they may attack other units on the way.

    The THousand Swords MUST always assault if their is an enemy in range, and may never break off due to failed Leadership or Morale tests.

    Worthy Opponents: The following units may be trageted INSTEAD of, or as well as the Enemy HQ for the THousand Swords, Battle for Honour! Rule-

    Chaos: Chosen Terminators, Unit's led by an Aspiring Champion, Bloodletters of Khorne, Khorne Berzerkers.

    Eldar: Avatar, Court of the Young King, Seer Council, Spear of Khaine

    Orks: Skarboyz

    Necron: Pariahs

    Dark Eldar: Dark Eldar Wyches

    Tyranid: Carnifex, Tyrant Bodyguard, Warrior Brood

    Radical Daemonhunters: Daemonhosts

    The custom rules are kinda FLuffy for the unit, and to give someone a tactical advantage or point to play off of. The Storm Shield option is also majorly fluffy, I know I didn't do a Fixed points cost, but that's just because I've foudnt hat this sort of unti can be added to almost ANY space Marine chapters. Alos gives TONS of modeling opportunities. I have pics of my own squad which are all customized, modeled and named, doing a Dirama for them too rigth now, fighting some berzerkers.

    Tell me what you think?

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    they sound like eltie space marines in fluff. Even statwise, they are elite space marines with a larger weapons skil, power weapons, and a lot more weapons options. I should think they would cost upwards of 25 or more points to deploy in space marines armies.

    I disagrea with you on space marines not having individuality. They probably have the most individuality in the game, second only to Imperial guard. This is because doctrines allow for as much diversity as players can dream up. The close runner up is Chaos, and then Eldar. While Chaos and Eldar have a larger difference from one group to the other, space marines easily have special rules for more different chapters than any other army.

    Now im going to moan about how sisters are getting their individuality stripped from them like a bunch of repentia getting their armor taken away. Sisters enforce the dogma of the Ecclesiarchy, and can focus in any aspect of it. This is extremely well displayed in the Necrons codex, that features many records and documents written by and of sisters of battle encountering necrons. When witch hunters comes out, it will be assumed that sisters of battle ONLY hunt witch's, mutant's and heretics. I think thats enough on that topic though.

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    Well, the Angels of the Lion highly value their Scouts, seeing them as the future of the chapter, so have specialized their Scout company, known as the Greetingwing, to account for this.

    Veteran members of the Deathwing choose to either remain in Terminator Armor and become Sergeants and Instructors, or to be Veteran Sergeants and Instructors in the Greetingwing. Sometimes, whole units of these Veteran band together in the revered Veteran Scout Squads.

    You may have up to 1 Veteran Scout Squad in an Angels of the Lion army, counting as an Elites choice.

    Veteran Scout.18./.4./.4./.4/4/1./4/1/9./4+
    Veteran Scout Sergeant +12 (same profile, +1A)
    Weapons: All models (including the Sergeant) are armed with either a bolter or bolt pistol and close combat weapon.
    Options: Any model (excluding the Sergeant) may replace their weapons with a sniper rifle at +5pts or a shotgun at no additional points cost. Up to 1 model may be armed with a Heavy Bolter at +15pts, Autocannon or Missile Launcher at +20 points. Up to two models may be armed with a flamer or plasma gun at +6 points, meltagun or plasma pistol and close combat weapon at +10 points. All members of the squad may be given frag grenades at +1pt per model, krak grenades at +2pts per model, or melta bombs at +5pts per model. Each model may upgrade their bolter or bolt pistol to a silenced weapon at +1pt.
    Character: The Squad must always be led by a Veteran Scout Sergeant at +12pts, and he must be upgrade to be stubborn at +5pts. He may select any weapons and eqipment from the armory.
    Special Rules:
    Infiltrate: Veteran Scouts are quiet and stealthy, so may infiltrate as per the 'Infiltrate' rules when they are in use.
    Scouts: Veteran Scouts are adept at sneaking up on the enemy, moving into forward positions without any notice. To represent this, Veteran Scouts may always deploy, even in missions where not normally allowed to do so (Drop Pods) and do not count towards maximum number of units able to deploy (Recon mission). Also, before the game begins or roll for first turn and after deployment, the Veteran Scouts may make a free move.

    Check out ==My== blog: www.bnhblog.blogspot.com

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    my Shattered Wing are a very new chapter..basicly they were an experiment to try and cure all that unpleasent vampirism BA have to deal with ..b/c there so young i have very few veteran unts and b/c of the culture of thier home planet they have a bit more bikes and rhinos and stuff then other BA chapters....&#39;aven&#39;t worked out asny special rules that alter stats &#39;cause i can&#39;t think of any good ones <_<

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