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    Flamers vs melta guns vs none of the above.

    I like the assault squads in the new BA codex and will probably run 3 of them. I was wondering if it would behoove me to put a flamer in each squad. I usually like to put a meltagun for anti tank capabilities, but am wondering if that cheap flamer might be better or just as useful. I have some other antitank weaponry (devastator squads and tact squads and attack bikes). I know they are used in entirely different situations, but would a flamer be valuble?
    I hesitate for a couple of reasons,
    1. 1 less attack in combat
    2. I'm worried I'll kill too many guys and then won't be in range to assault (if the opponent wants to be tricky and remove all the guys closest to me)
    3. I've never used them so I dont have a lot of experience with them.

    What do you guys think? What would be the best set up for an assault squad ? Flamer, Melta or both?

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    Either flamers, or meltas, but not one of each. Mixing weapons in any given squad is not a good idea. while it gives them theoretical versatility, it really dulls their specific capability. (does that make sense?)

    I would take two meltas, simply because BAs are already wonderful at killing infantry, but sorta choke against vehicles(especially high armor value) sticking meltas in each squad would REALLY enhance their AV kill ability, not to mention, it gives them awesome punch against: termies, TMCs, and anything big and tough that they may come across.

    Hope this helps.
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