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    effectiveness of WH allied with DH

    hey everyone. im a frequenter of the tau forum here(suprise, suprise) and i was thinking about my next army. i wanted to do something a little more unique then just another popular army. so i though of wich hunters. not a very popular army but i think is cool and has attributes that i like. also important is the fact they are very deffirent from my mech tau army. so after reading the basic guide and allies posts on this forum, i thought i'll ally dh with wh. and after looking for similar posts, i didn't really find any posts that related to the effectivness of the two allied together. now im not looking for an army that is just killer in tournaments, or one that can be made to counter any list effectivly with just one. i've fiddled and exspanded my tau numerous times for that reason. with this army i want something fluffy, fun to play with, looks good on the board and has that element of suprise that no one expects when i open my case. i still like to win, dont get me wrong, but i want this army to mainly be different.
    now to the meat of my question. how effective is a list like this and what can i exspect in the way of models, price and tactics? i've though of some tactics and such, but i have no way to buy or even look at the codex's. i'm currently in greece taking some college courses and know of no hobby stores around. especially hobby stores where things arent written in greek. so i'll list tactics and list i've been thinking of and will enjoy any comment you guys are willing to give.

    cannones: eveserator, jump pack, bolt pistol, ?
    GK grand master: termie armour, ?

    death cult assasin: ?
    gk termie squad: ?

    3 sister squads of how ever many fit in a rhino: flamers, meltas or both?
    rhino's: smoke launchers, exstra amour
    1 or two gk squads: psy-cannon

    fast attack:
    seriphim squad: hand flamers, eveserator
    seriphim squad: inferno pistols, eveserator

    two excorsist: ?
    maby an emoleator: multi meltas, ?

    ok, that the list i have in my head. now the basic tactic.
    through my estensive use of mech tau, i've learned to love the flank and breakout attacks. i'll discuss the flank first.

    in the flank aproach, i'll send everyone, up the enemy's weak side, the side with the better protection for me, or what ever else is tactically viable. the seriphims and cannones will lead. those girls are the movers and shakers, taking targets of oppertunity and attacking heavy support options if they get the chance. the sisters in the rihnos will be right behind jumping out at the right moment and laying waste to the heritics with massed firepower. if i take the emolater, i'll send it up the with them too, taking out the bigger targets. the gk will be deep striking to whatever part of the battle feild i deem their needed. the excorsits wil sit back in the middle and keep the other flank busy with massed firepower. this tactic gives me the ability to put a larger amount of my force against a smaller part of thiers. the cons are that in open terrain, their very open to being shot at, especially by very shooty armies. and in close terrain, being bunched up to be hit by pie plates. also very mobile armies will be able to react to this treat much faster, and my applied firepower advantage is nullified, especially with gk picking their nose in space. their are other things that go with it, but you should have the basic idea.

    the breakthrough stratagie is more for static lists, take and hold games, and boards with lots of terrain to protect esposed units. i'll have a seriphim squad on either side of my force,protecting the flanks and herrasing outside units. or possiblylead from the front and then split from the main group and attack where needed. the gk squad, sisters in rhinos, and possible immoleator, will deploy up the middle as the main force, making a wedge in the middle of the enemy and holding the objective if nedded. the grey knight are footslogging on purpose to help protect rear of army and excorsits. exsorsists attack anti tank and low ap thigs first, then hit secondary targets. the cons to this is a force that can deploy a fast flanking attack and come round the back of my force. also swarm armies since taking my force into theirs faster will make them shout with glee.

    in any aproach i do their are a caouple armies that make me nurvous with this list: nidzilla armies, mech eldar, and mech tau. they have more menuvarablity then my armie, on top of the fact that i dont have many anti-tank options.

    now that i've exsplained my point, any comments, help, or corrections would be greatly appreciated.

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    Actually when I take Demonhunters, I'm looking primarily at a few options:

    Inq. Lord w/psycannon, 2HBolters servitor, Plas cannon Servitor, and 2 sages
    He's a good firebase squad. plus shifts a heavy support option up to an HQ choice.

    Elite Inq /w psycannon either with retinue described above, or on his own in whatever armor upgrade I can afford. He's a relatively inexpensive way to add a psycannon to the board. join him to a Ret. squad for added punch.

    Brother Captain with Psycannon and Nemesis weapon. he's much cheaper than the GrandMaster, and still effective. I think overall more cost-effective. I usually don't take him much though. I prefer the cheaper troops.

    GK squad. good solid troops for assault. with Sisters, I don't think you need GK for shooty, maybe outfit a min squad with 2 psycannon. I'd prob. prefer them vanilla though. their nemesis weapons are nice. compared to SoB's though, they're gonna cost you.

    actually, I believe that's close to the order I select DH allies in. Learning how to wield SoB squads and use faith wisely is the big trick to a WH army. I love the choices I have to select from, with DH allies and inducted IG. I do highly recommend using Exorcists in pairs. I don't recommend much induction until 1000pts though. for allies, maybe starting around 750pts is fine.

    For cannoness, go with a Blessed Weapon, cloak of st. aspria, Bolt pistol, jump pack, and frags. it's cheap, and effective. esp. when used with faith.

    I cater my list to what I feel like playing, usually using Exorcists and Inq. Retinues as firebases, and using SoB squads, Seraphim, and cannoness as either flankers or counter charge. The SoB's hopping out of a rhino with HFlamers is devastating.

    I hope you enjoy the change from Tau! WH is similar, in that it's usually a mech. inf. army. However WH tend to be a much more short range shooty army. Have fun!

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    Your army is looking about 2000-2500pts there. Just thought you'd like to know. Anyways I would try and stay away from the Grand Master, while he is good the squad of Terminators will do you fine and he does cost an arm and a leg to purchase.

    The problem I've found while playing as Witch Hunters is that the army is pretty much "what your see is what you get" and against a decent player they can easily plan out how you'll move etc, lets face it, Witch Hunters don't have the movement to react like some other races and can't afford to really redeploy. With this said and done what I value in the Daemon Hunters side is their ablity to Deep Strike (Terminators and Grey Knight fast attack), combined with the Callidus Assasin and some fast moving Seraphim or Rhino mounted squads you suddenly have quite an unpredicatable list.

    On a more unique side, instead of a typical alliance you could try using Daemon Hosts, combine these with Arco Flagellants, Eversor Assasin and Penitent Engines you suddenly have quite a mean looking combat army. Seraphim and Exorcists work really well in supporting these guys.
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