Many of you will have noticed changes in the mod team. For fantasy, there's a new moderator and a few promotions. 40K has seen a promotion, too.

For fantasy, Gingerninja has joined the mod team, while Cyric the Mad has been made a Supermod. Stonehambey and I have been made Supervisors. These changes put fantasy on par with 40K in terms of Supermods and Supervisors.

The fantasy team is sad to see Kooshlord step down from his position as he must concentrate his time elsewhere for now. Likewise, Wolf_Pack had hoped to return to activity but has been unable to do so. Thanks to both these mods for their help with the boards and making LO a great forum.

40K has seen Caluin made an admin, as he's been serving as a leader for the mod team and the entire forum for sometime already.

Other members no longer serving as mods are Lady Bastet and Wolfraider. Thanks to these mods as well for their many contributions to LO.