Guess what? … this is where you say “What”? We are set to go for the Necro 2008!

Here are the details:

Who – 70 Spots for WHFB Tournament, 70 Spots for WH40k Tournament, 20 Spots for Friday Blood Bowl Tournament

What – The Necronomicon (Necro GT) is an Indy GT Event and part of the GW GT Circuit, and the Blood Bowl Event will be NAF Sanctioned!

When – June 13, 14 and 15, Summer of 2008!

How Much - $70.00

Where – same great place as last year!

The Caribe Royale Resort Hotel
8101 World Center Drive
Orlando, Florida 32821
(Ph) 407.238.8000
(Reservations) 800.823.8300

Room rate $159.00 per night plus taxes for a TWO ROOM SUITE!

The hotel does have a shuttle to and from the airport. Contact the hotel directly for information on shuttle services, I do believe there is a fee, however the hotel has free shuttle service to and from the Disney Area.

There are restaurants nearby in walking distance, and the hotel is no more than 10 minutes or so from Disney World and other attractions.

Why – because we are the BEST* tournament in the country, play on the best tables, with the best terrain, bring your family for vacation while you play Warhammer and have tons of fun! (*opinions vary, but then who cares


We will have as much fun this year as last and probably even more! This year we are expanding the event to bring you more action, games and suprises! We have added these events this year!

NEW on Friday
The Necro Bowl, a Blood Bowl Tournament on Friday
This will be an NAF Sanctioned event so come improve your overall standing in the NAF!

The Necro Warhammer 40k Apocolypse Bring ‘n Battle
Smack talk is one thing, but putting down a super tank is another, come have fun!

And on Saturday
Saturday Night Chariot Races – a favorite each year…
Round and round they go, all the way to the finish line – if you make it that far…

And the all NEW… Nekro 500, a WH40k Demolition Derby!...
…Brought to you by NAZGITS ORKTEL CUP

Hurry and act now, as seen on TV and in White Dwarf, before all the spots are gone – the waiting list is a lonely place!

See all of you there,
Jason and Janner Holliday, and the whole (best) Team