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Thread: Irc Chat

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    The Landlord Blackhat's Avatar
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    414 (x8)

    I have seen dirty adult talk been going on on the irc chat lately. This unaceptable behavior have forced me to increase the warn parameter with more words.

    From today all chatters including ops will be permanently banned if they type one of these words more than 3 times.

    Please behave on the chat or else I might be forced to turn of the X bot and deny all support of the channel at LO.


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    Senior Member Slai's Avatar
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    3 (x2)

    Allright, what are the words in the badwordlist then?

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    Senior Member Archonbjorn's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
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    I guess the usual stuff like F**k id***t or something simulair to that.

    However with that statement out of the way, I would say listen to ArchonBjorn. He has a really good tendency to not say stupid things and give bad advice.
    Learn from yesterday.
    Live for today
    Hope for tomorrow

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    Aug 2004
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    LOL no 10 times wost than that.
    <MortalKombat> stfu mat|t u ****
    * Acaila sets mode: +b MortalKombat!*@*
    <@Acaila> FINISH HIM
    <mat|t> rofl
    <MortalKombat> omg what! man
    * MortalKombat was kicked by Acaila (forward, forward, back, back, forward, punch)
    <@Acaila> FATALITY!

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    Ayatollah Moomintroll Hard A**'s Avatar
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    Jan 2004
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    293 (x5)

    Well, I just got banned for telling someone with a strained neck that massage would do it good. Because the word massage contains the phrase 'ass'.

    I'm afraid that #warhammer40k is currently unusable for adults. Sorry, I was pleased to be back up until that point.
    Ryan Dancey, Vice President of Wizards of the Coast, believed that TSR failed because of "...a near total inability to listen to its customers, hear what they were saying, and make changes to make those customers happy." Are you listening, Games Workshop ?

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    LO Zealot
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    Jan 2004
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    13 (x3)

    The usefulness of the swearfilter strikes again!

    [233] <WiCkEdRock> necklock
    [233] <Hard_Aun> hmm ?
    [233] <Hard_Aun> you okay ?
    [233] <WiCkEdRock> I woke up with my neck being kindof unmovable without alot of pain
    [234] <Hard_Aun> oh blimey
    [234] <WiCkEdRock> gotta get some liminent for it tomorrow.
    [234] <Hard_Aun> okay good
    [234] <Hard_Aun> massage is a good thing for that
    [234] <Hard_Aun> &#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;????
    [234] <WiCkEdRock> whaat?
    [234] <Hard_Aun> what the funk?
    [235] <Hard_Aun> -Blackhat_- Please do no use ass in #warhammer40k&#33; You have been warned.
    [235] * Blackhat_ sets mode: +b *&#33;*
    [235] * Hard_Aun was kicked by Blackhat_ (Bad Word. You have 1 warn left then permanent ban)
    [235] <WiCkEdRock> AAAAHAHAHAHAHA
    [236] <WiCkEdRock> that&#39;s just comedy gold.
    [236] <WiCkEdRock> silly swearfilter.
    [237] <WiCkEdRock> It&#39;s a WH/40k chat after all, we do talk about ASSASSins once in a while.
    [237] -Blackhat_- Please do no use ass in #warhammer40k&#33; You have been warned.
    [239] <WiCkEdRock> &#39;that Morrissey fella sure got some class&#39;
    [239] -Blackhat_- Please do no use ass in #warhammer40k&#33; You have been warned.

    Do you get my point?

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    The Landlord Blackhat's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
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    414 (x8)

    As long as adult talk continues the swear bot will remain. All mods that still dont follow these rules will be de-moded asap.

    If that wont help, then I have no other choice than remove the x bot, abandon the channel and refuse all kinds of irc promotion on the domain of LO. If promotion still occurs, then it will in best case be threated as spam.
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    Member Angel_of_Rust's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
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    1 (x1)

    I hate to say it Blackhat, but something needs to be done about the swearfilter. The only way to fairly and reliably control the language, is to have someone sit there and kick users accordingly, not with mIRC based scripts or any other scripted client. As with any computer system, there are flaws, and in your scripting, a few large ones. The scripts just aren&#39;t intelligent enough to determine what is an inappropriate word or not, and have been banning people for normal everyday harmless words. A couple problems with this. First, a newbie who comes in and gets banned for using everyday words like the mentioned massage or even assassin, which is a unit in the very game we play, is very unlikely to return. Second, since you have removed nearly all the operators from the user list, baring Aun, Pulan, and Xaero as far as I&#39;ve been able to determine, it is very difficult to get someone unbanned if it is done mistakenly so. Of those three remaining operators, one has just recently returned from a month of absence, and the other two are in the military, and as a result not regularly around. I do see the need to prevent young members from being bombarded with cussing, but there are some changes that need to be made to the current system. If you want to keep the swear filter, and the members, I would suggest going back to the old system of auto opping and add more oeprators to the userlist. I was unaware I was even removed until recently when I tried to check the current userss with such privalages on the channel and was told Iw as not even listed as a channel user. Currently we can&#39;t run effectively, and soemthing needs to be done. On another note, I know the majority, if not all of our users are over 13. If we can hear this sort of language sparringly in a PG-13 movie, I honestly don&#39;t see the harm in a remark made now and again. I would hate to lose a valuable and enriching part of the community just because adults want to speak like adults. I think it would be a good idea to create a core set of operators on IRC, with which to discuss ideas about how it runs, who can deal with issues as they arrise. As I&#39;m sure you know, not everyone who is a good moderator on the board, knows enough about IRC to make a good operator. I would be very interested in discussing the matter further with you and perhaps the other senior members if you are interested. Please let me know either way.
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    The Landlord Blackhat's Avatar
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    414 (x8)

    First of all its not my script, its one I found and I think it works good, except from the *ass* part, but I might replace the swear filter with a few ops, but only if they can keep the same rules as we have on the forum in the chat.

    When it comes to adult chat like a few nights ago, that will never be tolerated and the reason we have the swear filter now is because of those persons who did the adult chat.
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    Ayatollah Moomintroll Hard A**'s Avatar
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    Jan 2004
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    293 (x5)

    I enclose a transcript of last nights IRC convo, where Blackhats swearbot was absent, and we had a good and amiable chat mainly about GW things. I count 11 f**ks during the course of about 2 hours and 20 mins, which is realistic for modern adults.

    Session Start: Mon Jan 24 23:47:20 2005
    Session Ident: #warhammer40k
    [23:47] * Now talking in #warhammer40k
    [23:47] * X sets mode: +o Hard_Aun
    [23:47] <SB|LFNC> lo
    [23:47] <Lord_Settra> sup Hard_Aun ?
    [23:47] <Hard_Aun> hello guys
    [23:47] <Hard_Aun> just been watching a human dissection on TV
    [23:48] <Hard_Aun> good fun
    [23:49] <SB|LFNC> well
    [23:49] <SB|LFNC> hmm
    [23:50] <Lord_Settra> heh
    [23:50] <Lord_Settra> sounds fun
    [23:50] <Hard_Aun> it was actually
    [23:51] <Invidia> ahh
    [23:51] <Invidia> Aun
    [23:51] <Hard_Aun> it was done by that german guy who plasticates corpses
    [23:51] <Invidia> stange taste in entertainment as usual
    [23:51] <Invidia> *strange
    [23:51] <Hard_Aun> aye
    [23:51] <Lord_Settra> i found some great underground UGK songs, not like you guys listen to that&#33;
    [23:51] <Invidia> ass test
    [23:51] <Invidia> oh hes not here
    [23:51] <Hard_Aun> nah
    [23:52] <Invidia> my disappointment cannot be soothed
    [23:52] <Hard_Aun> Gentlemen (and Ladies) we may say *****
    [23:52] <Lord_Settra> all you guys seen that eugene armstrong beheading?
    [23:52] <Hard_Aun> hmm ?
    [23:52] <Lord_Settra> that is the sickest video i have ever seen
    [23:52] <SB|LFNC> okay....
    [23:52] <Hard_Aun> Ive seen a couple of beheadings by Al Quieda and co
    [23:53] <Lord_Settra> made my stomach turn, and i can watch anything
    [23:53] <Lord_Settra> yeah they did this one with a blunt butter knife
    [23:54] <Hard_Aun> hmmm
    [23:54] <Lord_Settra> not nice
    [23:54] <Hard_Aun> nah, could ruin your entire day, that
    [23:54] <Hard_Aun> <Hard_Aun> Ive seen a couple of beheadings by Al Quieda and co
    [23:54] <Hard_Aun> <Lord_Settra> made my stomach turn, and i can watch anything
    [23:54] <Hard_Aun> <Lord_Settra> yeah they did this one with a blunt butter knife
    [23:54] <Hard_Aun> <Hard_Aun> hmmm
    [23:54] <Hard_Aun> <Lord_Settra> not nice
    [23:54] <Hard_Aun> <Hard_Aun> nah, could ruin your entire day, that
    [23:54] <Hard_Aun> oops
    [23:54] <Lord_Settra> they like sawed his head off, he was making the sickest noises even when he was just connected by his spinal cord
    [23:55] <SB|LFNC> okay
    [23:55] <SB|LFNC> thats enough
    [23:55] <Hard_Aun> bad stuff
    [23:55] <Lord_Settra> indeed it is
    [23:55] <Lord_Settra> i&#39;d like to gather a few of them al quiedia, bring them to TX and have a feild day with all my guns
    [23:56] <Hard_Aun> I imagine they might refuse the invitation
    [23:56] <Lord_Settra> yeah
    [23:57] <Lord_Settra> but then i wouldent go there and fight them
    [23:57] <SB|LFNC> that would be a waste of bullets
    [23:57] <Hard_Aun> aye, dont blame you
    [23:57] <Lord_Settra> ***** that, i have a friend in iraq
    [23:58] <Lord_Settra> he rides around in a tank blasting ppl......he sais they shoot any thing that moves, men, women, children.......bad stuff
    [23:58] <Hard_Aun> hmm, yeah
    [23:58] <Lord_Settra> i dont have a problem killing grown men, but not women and kids
    [23:58] <Invidia> we shouldn&#39;t be there
    [23:58] <Invidia> end of story
    [23:59] <Hard_Aun> I have to agree
    [23:59] <Lord_Settra> yeah
    [23:59] <Invidia> and as much as i share most of your sentiments Settra
    [23:59] <Invidia> we&#39;ve had problems with political debate in here before
    Session Time: Tue Jan 25 0000 2005
    [000] <Lord_Settra> yeah
    [000] <Invidia> and i would appreciate ifwe didn&#39;t start a discussion to cause them again
    [000] <Invidia> btw
    [000] <Invidia> if they do accept your invite
    [000] <Lord_Settra> cool man
    [000] <Invidia> ll need your address
    [000] <Invidia> ^_^
    [000] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [000] <Lord_Settra> you guys watch the play offs yeasterday?
    [001] <Lord_Settra> see that kid sing?
    [001] * SaRgE_AwAy Quit (Ping timeout)
    [001] <Lord_Settra> damn i was almost in tears, i felt for him
    [001] <Hard_Aun> what happened ?
    [002] <Lord_Settra> he sung the national anthem, he is 10 with Multiple scerosis (i know i *****ed that up)
    [002] <Hard_Aun> blimey
    [002] <Lord_Settra> sad d00d
    [003] * Alana has joined #warhammer40k
    [003] <Alana> yesss&#33;
    [003] <Lord_Settra> hey Alana
    [003] <Hard_Aun> oh look
    [003] <Lord_Settra> how are you?
    [003] <Hard_Aun> Hi Alana
    [003] <Alana> fine thank you
    [003] <Alana> how are you?
    [003] <SB|LFNC> lo
    [003] <Lord_Settra> grand ty
    [004] <Alana> I had to kill many a virus to get this far
    [004] <Lord_Settra> ?
    [005] <Alana> PC trouble
    [005] <Lord_Settra> ahhh
    [005] <Invidia> rofl
    [005] <Invidia> long time no see
    [006] <SB|LFNC> same here
    [006] <Alana> sorry had PC trouble
    [006] <Invidia> not your fault
    [006] <Alana> SB happy birthday
    [007] <SB|LFNC> thanks
    [007] <Hard_Aun> is it your birthday ?>
    [007] <SB|LFNC> yeah
    [007] <Hard_Aun> many happy returns &#33;
    [007] * Alana knows many things
    [007] <Lord_Settra> 15 licks
    [007] <Lord_Settra> you know the rule
    [007] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [008] <Hard_Aun> we do bumps over here
    [008] <Invidia> anyone play diablo 2?
    [008] * SuedeHead has left #warhammer40k
    [008] * SuedeHead has joined #warhammer40k
    [008] <Alana> I do
    [008] <Invidia> WOOT
    [008] <SB|LFNC> i have
    [009] <Alana> no expansion pack though
    [009] <Invidia> drat
    [009] <Invidia> im making a retard build
    [009] <Invidia> with a friend of mine
    [009] <Invidia> hes a throwing barb
    [009] * SuedeHead is now known as Nagato
    [009] <Invidia> and im Alana dagger necro
    [009] <Invidia> and im *a
    [009] <Invidia> damns cript
    [009] <Invidia> bah
    [00:10] <Invidia> wb Nagato
    [00:10] <Alana> hey Petra
    [00:11] <Nagato> yes
    [00:12] <Alana> now I can talk to you via IRC and MSN
    [00:12] <Lord_Settra> were you from Alana?
    [00:12] <Nagato> yes Alana i can see that
    [00:12] <Lord_Settra> i think its cool we all live in different places, way different
    [00:12] <Lord_Settra> we are untied by warhammer
    [00:12] <Alana> where I am from and where I live are two different places
    [00:13] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [00:13] <Lord_Settra> were do you live>
    [00:13] <Alana> Manchester England
    [00:13] <Lord_Settra> cool
    [00:13] <Lord_Settra> i was born in Berwick
    [00:13] <Hard_Aun> near Bristol, England
    [00:13] <Lord_Settra> see what i mean?
    [00:14] <Lord_Settra> its *****in&#39; cool
    [00:14] <Lord_Settra> i sometimes wonder when im out, what you guys would think of Texas
    [00:14] <Hard_Aun> well, if we wernt all in different locations
    [00:14] <Lord_Settra> cuz it is nothing like england, hell its like its own *****in&#39; country
    [00:15] <Hard_Aun> i mean, if we were all in the same room
    [00:15] <Alana> I hear mixed things about Texas but it is a big place
    [00:15] <Hard_Aun> we would be chatting out loud would we not ?
    [00:15] <Lord_Settra> i could school ya&#39;ll on how to play warhammer/.....
    [00:15] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [00:15] <Invidia> not with TK you won&#39;t
    [00:15] <Lord_Settra> true Hard_Aun, but this way we all bring something different
    [00:15] <Lord_Settra> hahahaha
    [00:16] <Lord_Settra> you dont want to see the TK
    [00:16] <Alana> against the might of my Chaos I doubt they stand much of a chance
    [00:16] <Lord_Settra> please settra, no not that&#33; leave those on the shelf&#33; they are not for play&#33;
    [00:17] <Alana> If I go to the US odds are I go to California
    [00:17] <SB|LFNC> whooo
    [00:17] <SB|LFNC> i win
    [00:18] <Hard_Aun> if I go to the US chances are I will go to Canada
    [00:18] <Alana> rofl&#33;
    [00:18] <Invidia> come to Ohio
    [00:18] <Invidia> its the most kick ass state of all
    [00:18] <Hard_Aun> I know Ohio actually
    [00:19] <Hard_Aun> I have friends there
    [00:19] <Alana> I can gate crash at Lauren&#39;s place
    [00:19] <Hard_Aun> in Dayton
    [00:19] <Hard_Aun> Alana, ffs warn her you are coming
    [00:20] <Alana> oh right, good point
    [00:21] <Hard_Aun> she might be serenading the Governator after all
    [00:23] <Alana> you know some of my friends feel I should have played the TX in Terminator 3
    [00:24] <Hard_Aun> heheh
    [00:25] <Hard_Aun> that might have made the movie better
    [00:25] <SB|LFNC> the TX?
    [00:26] <SB|LFNC> soo...
    [00:27] <Lord_Settra> Slai|work|, if you could beat my VC army 2/3 times, i would buy you 2000 pts. of any army
    [00:27] <Lord_Settra> nothing personal, but i dout that you would win
    [00:27] <Lord_Settra> due to your experiance
    [00:27] <Hard_Aun> if you could have offed a few of the story developers as well, that would have improved the crappy plot too
    [00:28] <Lord_Settra> T3 was ok
    [00:28] <Lord_Settra> not that bad
    [00:28] <Lord_Settra> i ment SB|LFNC
    [00:28] <Lord_Settra> not Slai|work|
    [00:28] <Lord_Settra> sorry, damned tab key
    [00:28] <SB|LFNC> er
    [00:28] <SB|LFNC> yeah
    [00:28] <SB|LFNC> i haven&#39;t even played a game of FB
    [00:28] <SB|LFNC> so
    [00:28] <Lord_Settra> ohhh
    [00:28] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [00:29] <Alana> T3 was toned down for Children
    [00:29] <Lord_Settra> thought you played slaanesh?
    [00:29] <SB|LFNC> skaven
    [00:29] <Lord_Settra> was it Alana?
    [00:29] <SB|LFNC> eshin
    [00:29] <SB|LFNC> yeah
    [00:29] <Lord_Settra> thats right
    [00:29] <Alana> I play Slaanesh
    [00:29] <Lord_Settra> i like chaos, no sissy missle fire
    [00:30] <Lord_Settra> just like my undead, cept my TK arrchers, but hey&#33; they dont kill a *****in&#39; thing&#33;
    [00:30] <Alana> I am doing Ogre Kingdoms
    [00:31] <Alana> that much is certain
    [00:31] <Hard_Aun> hey, so am I
    [00:31] <Lord_Settra> yep
    [00:31] <Lord_Settra> me too
    [00:31] <Lord_Settra> they look awesome
    [00:31] <Hard_Aun> they certainly do
    [00:31] <Alana> I already have enough Ogres to start
    [00:31] <Hard_Aun> of the new ones ?
    [00:31] <Alana> nope
    [00:32] <Lord_Settra> hehehehe i remeber when this guy thought that golgfags ogres (him and the whole unit) could beat a khorne deamon prince
    [00:32] <Lord_Settra> i was like "dood, do you smoke rocks?"
    [00:32] <Alana> my ogres could beat a Daemon Prince
    [00:32] <Alana> there are 30 of them
    [00:32] <Lord_Settra> the new ones?
    [00:32] <Alana> in one unit
    [00:32] <Lord_Settra> 30&#33;
    [00:32] <Lord_Settra> dirt how many points is that?
    [00:33] <Lord_Settra> thats what my 40 zombies are for&#33;
    [00:33] <Lord_Settra> great for those nasty units, like the one you mentioned and slayers
    [00:34] <Lord_Settra> although 40 zombies wouldent last long, they are good for tieing units up
    [00:34] <Alana> in 3rd edition armies of huge monsters were easier to do
    [00:34] <Lord_Settra> yeah
    [00:34] <Lord_Settra> remeber the wood elf packs?
    [00:35] <Lord_Settra> bears, wolves and other nasties together
    [00:35] <Lord_Settra> hey Alana, while you are here, what news of nagash?
    [00:35] <Alana> heard nothing
    [00:36] <Lord_Settra> damn
    [00:36] <SB|LFNC> meh
    [00:36] <Alana> Nightie would have been in touch
    [00:36] <SB|LFNC> got my fellblade ready
    [00:36] * Lord_Settra throws oine of his nine books of nagash against the wall
    [00:36] <Lord_Settra> heh
    [00:36] <Lord_Settra> you dont want to run your little rat with his 100 point sword and no ward against nagash
    [00:37] <Alana> it worked before
    [00:37] <Lord_Settra> you might get lucky, but then again, in this one im sure he will have a 3+ ward
    [00:37] <Lord_Settra> yes it did
    [00:37] <Lord_Settra> but nagash was asleep, (at least thats what his rep said)
    [00:37] <SB|LFNC> and?
    [00:37] <Alana> the Hammer of Sigmar took him down too
    [00:37] <Lord_Settra> yes
    [00:38] <Lord_Settra> but you cant keep him down
    [00:38] <Lord_Settra> and it was a TK that killed him with the fell blade, not a rat
    [00:38] <Lord_Settra> well he was alive
    [00:39] <Lord_Settra> were is sigma now? dead, were is nagash? undead&#33;
    [00:39] <Alana> true but the Fellblade is a serious weapon
    [00:39] <Lord_Settra> yes it is
    [00:40] <Lord_Settra> s10 d6 wounds right?
    [00:40] <SB|LFNC> yeha
    [00:40] <Alana> Sigmar can come back too
    [00:40] <SB|LFNC> *yeah
    [00:40] <Alana> he has done so more than once
    [00:40] <Lord_Settra> in the fifth edition, you could give deathmaster snitch a fell blade, nasty
    [00:40] <Lord_Settra> it cost 135 back then
    [00:41] <Lord_Settra> the black axe of krell used to be 125, no its only 50
    [00:41] <Lord_Settra> *now
    [00:41] <Hard_Aun> what a small pecker Jeff Goldblum has
    [00:41] <Lord_Settra> hahahaha
    [00:41] <Lord_Settra> what&#33;?
    [00:42] <SB|LFNC> ...
    [00:42] <Hard_Aun> watching The Fly
    [00:42] <Hard_Aun> saw him in tight underpants
    [00:42] <Alana> spandex
    [00:43] <Lord_Settra> we all know who has the warhammer world by the short and currlies,, its lumpin croop&#33;
    [00:43] <Lord_Settra> dont ***** with him....
    [00:43] <Hard_Aun> nah, im sure they were unwashed marks and spensers
    [00:43] <Lord_Settra> gross
    [00:44] <Lord_Settra> sigma came back?
    [00:44] <Lord_Settra> when?
    [00:44] <Hard_Aun> sorry, were you talking about the pixie game ?
    [00:44] <Alana> he posesses people
    [00:44] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [00:44] <Hard_Aun> dont let me interupt
    [00:44] <Alana> Magnus the Pious
    [00:44] <Alana> Karl Franz
    [00:44] <Alana> Valten
    [00:44] <Lord_Settra> ohhh yeah, i thought you ment in physical form
    [00:44] <Alana> that guy in Drachenfels
    [00:44] <Invidia> Aun, i started a SM army
    [00:44] <Hard_Aun> Hey, well done Angel
    [00:45] <Hard_Aun> see, it doesn&#39;t hurt &#33;
    [00:45] <Alana> I am not impressed with the new Marine Codex
    [00:45] <Invidia> why not?
    [00:45] <Hard_Aun> Alana: why not ?
    [00:46] <Alana> the White Scars rules for one
    [00:46] <Hard_Aun> apart from the fact you are not easily impressed anyway
    [00:46] <Lord_Settra> heh
    [00:46] <Alana> what makes me think there are hundreds of Rhinos painted white on Ebay now?
    [00:47] <Hard_Aun> well, you have looked already
    [00:48] <Lord_Settra> white scars? they are a major army now?
    [00:48] <Alana> they went from Tactical Squads MUST have Rhinos to- Tactical Squads with Rhinos are fast attack
    [00:49] <Hard_Aun> &#39;be afraid, be very afraid&#39;
    [00:49] <Hard_Aun> I love that line
    [00:49] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [00:49] <Hard_Aun> reminds me of Christmas somehow
    [00:49] <Lord_Settra> i need to get back into 40k
    [00:49] <Invidia> yeah
    [00:50] <Invidia> i need to get my sm dex bad
    [00:50] <Invidia> *back
    [00:50] <Lord_Settra> ?
    [00:50] <Lord_Settra> sm dex?
    [00:50] <Invidia> space marine codex
    [00:50] <Lord_Settra> ahhh
    [00:50] <Lord_Settra> yes i need one too
    [00:50] <Invidia> i left it ina different state
    [00:50] <Alana> anyway in terms of huge changes- the fact that Raven Guard have gone from the strategic strike chapter to flying nut job Jump Pack central
    [00:50] <SB|LFNC> yeah
    [00:50] <SB|LFNC> with kaj right?
    [00:51] <Invidia> aye
    [00:51] <Lord_Settra> kaj is spoon man right?
    [00:51] <Invidia> yup
    [00:51] <Alana> Blood Ravens- chapter of legend WHAT IS GOING ON?
    [00:51] <Lord_Settra> invidia you are angeklicus right?
    [00:51] <Invidia> wait
    [00:51] <Invidia> how do you get they are a flying apck of nut jobs?
    [00:51] <Invidia> aye
    [00:52] <Lord_Settra> is cypgher still a charcter?
    [00:52] <Lord_Settra> cypher
    [00:52] <Alana> 6 assault squads
    [00:52] <Lord_Settra> damn
    [00:52] <Lord_Settra> i used to jump dante into combat with his bodyguard, only to realise that he sucked ass&#33;
    [00:53] <Invidia> true
    [00:53] <Hard_Aun> Lord_Settra: for your information, I am Hard_Aun
    [00:53] <Invidia> thats why you make your own chapter that doesn&#39;t suck ass
    [00:53] <SB|LFNC> wow
    [00:53] <SB|LFNC> real aun?
    [00:54] <Hard_Aun> aye. Not a substitute or imposter
    [00:55] <Lord_Settra> blood angels dont suck
    [00:55] <Lord_Settra> mephiston is still around right?
    [00:55] <Hard_Aun> yup
    [00:55] <Alana> blood angels still use their codex
    [00:55] <Lord_Settra> what about cypher?
    [00:56] <Hard_Aun> hes Dark Angels
    [00:56] <Alana> dodgy fit with the new rules though
    [00:56] <Lord_Settra> i thought he was chaos?
    [00:56] <Lord_Settra> a fallen angel
    [00:56] <Hard_Aun> thats a matter of conjecture
    [00:56] <Lord_Settra> are there rules for him?
    [00:56] <Hard_Aun> aye
    [00:56] <Alana> yes
    [00:56] <Hard_Aun> in an old WD
    [00:57] <Lord_Settra> ahhh
    [00:57] <Lord_Settra> GW have a nasty habbit of killing offf the great characters
    [00:58] * Lord_Settra coughs, "horrible choice by GW"
    [00:58] <Lord_Settra> wonder what all star had the idea odf not including nagash, like to punch him in the jaw
    [00:58] <Alana> that is why I make up my own
    [00:58] <Hard_Aun> oh gawd I hate that kfc advert where they sing
    [00:59] <Hard_Aun> come back Jeff and underpants, all is forgiven
    [00:59] <Lord_Settra> yeah i make my own up too, but i like alot of the ones that have been around for a while
    [00:59] <Alana> I make them up over time
    [00:59] <Lord_Settra> like vlad and such
    [00:59] <Alana> develop them based on things that happen to them
    [010] <Alana> exaclty what GW does
    [010] <Lord_Settra> when they fall?
    [010] <Lord_Settra> you kill them off?
    [010] <Lord_Settra> and start over?
    [010] <Alana> you know Tycho was a regular captain
    [010] <Alana> got killed in a battle report with Orks
    [011] <Lord_Settra> yeah
    [011] <SB|LFNC> whooo
    [011] <Lord_Settra> he didnt die though
    [011] <Alana> and they brought him back as a special character
    [011] <Lord_Settra> he was just paralized
    [011] <Lord_Settra> on one side of his face
    [011] <Lord_Settra> oooo i see
    [011] <Lord_Settra> tycho = complete waste of time
    [011] <SB|LFNC> no dirt
    [011] <SB|LFNC> he got owned by orks
    [012] <Lord_Settra> hahaha
    [012] <Alana> I am unable to take Cassius seriously now you know
    [012] <Alana> I thought he was cool
    [012] <Alana> mentioned him on MSN to Lauren
    [012] <Lord_Settra> cassius?
    [012] <Lord_Settra> how is abadon these days?
    [013] <Alana> she pointed out that in his picture in the Marine Codex he appears to be doing the moonwalk
    [013] <Lord_Settra> Kharn had good fluff
    [013] <Lord_Settra> but i know you guys hate khorne
    [013] <Lord_Settra> dont know why
    [013] <Lord_Settra> but you all seem to hate it&#33;
    [014] <SB|LFNC> meh
    [014] <Alana> I am required to
    [014] <Alana> Slaaneshi champion
    [014] <Lord_Settra> ?
    [014] <SB|LFNC> khorne is boring
    [014] <Nagato> cause its sux
    [014] <Lord_Settra> boaring?
    [014] <Lord_Settra> 0o0o0o0o
    [014] <SB|LFNC> no depth
    [014] <Nagato> red is not my color
    [014] <Lord_Settra> slaanesh has depth?
    [014] <Lord_Settra> hahahaha
    [014] <Lord_Settra> tzeench has depth
    [015] <Nagato> slaanesh has sex
    [015] <Nagato> so..
    [015] <Hard_Aun> Im keeping out of this one
    [015] <Alana> Slaanesh has a lot of depth there are many reasons why people worship him
    [015] <Lord_Settra> slaaanesh is my least favorite, but thats becuase i think they look gay
    [015] <Lord_Settra> and the fact that not one lord could stand against a khorne lord
    [015] <Nagato> slaanesh is the only tue evil god actually
    [016] <Lord_Settra> what is not eveil about khorne?
    [016] <Nagato> true*
    [016] <Alana> Khorne could be cool if they made him the god of war
    [016] <Lord_Settra> they kill everything&#33; life for a champion of khorne is constant battle&#33;
    [016] <Hard_Aun> hes got anger managment problems
    [016] <Alana> not the crazed Blood God he is now
    [016] <Lord_Settra> what&#33; is more chaotic than that?
    [016] <Nagato> well martial pride is not an evil &#39;thing&#39;
    [017] <Lord_Settra> and for thre record, no champions of chaos have sex&#33;
    [017] <Hard_Aun> &#33;&#33;&#33;
    [017] <Lord_Settra> they cant take thier armor off&#33;
    [017] <SB|LFNC> i have
    [017] <Hard_Aun> they didnt think that through then
    [017] <SB|LFNC> not that hard
    [017] <Nagato> you dont need to take all the armor off
    [017] <Lord_Settra> ahhh they have an opening?
    [017] <Nagato> all you need is hole
    [017] <Alana> the most honourable character ironically is Lucius
    [018] <Lord_Settra> BD are honorable buit evil
    [018] <Lord_Settra> *but
    [018] * Hard_Aun is listening to : The Beatles - All You Need Is Hole
    [018] <Alana> A Slaaneshi Daemon Prince has more Martial Pride than all the followers of Khorne combined
    [018] <Lord_Settra> i see chaos as the most evil of all armies, then i think TK are the least evil of all the bad armies
    [018] <Nagato> nah
    [018] <Lord_Settra> no way Alana
    [019] <Nagato> tyranids (in 40k) are evil
    [019] <Lord_Settra> yeah in 40k
    [019] <SB|LFNC> tyranids are not evil
    [019] <SB|LFNC> they just want to eat
    [019] <Invidia> how?
    [019] <Lord_Settra> tk realy aint evil, they just got ass ***** by nagash
    [019] <Nagato> thats why are evil
    [019] <Invidia> the rules are terrible
    [01:10] <Alana> read the background for Lucius the Eternal Slaanesh does honour too
    [01:10] <Lord_Settra> heh, ever noticed the hive tyrant looks alot like that big alien from alien resurection?
    [01:10] <Lord_Settra> the white one
    [01:10] <Invidia> shhhhh
    [01:10] <Invidia> there is no correlation
    [01:10] <Hard_Aun> Geenas just given birth to a giant maggot, btw
    [01:10] <Lord_Settra> hahaha
    [01:11] <Invidia> a baby maggot?
    [01:11] <Hard_Aun> yip
    [01:11] <Lord_Settra> slaanesh is the weakest of the gods, it sais so....khorne is the most powerful
    [01:11] <Nagato> slaanesh is the weakest of the gods,
    [01:11] <Lord_Settra> yes
    [01:11] <Nagato> Lol?
    [01:11] <Lord_Settra> read the book
    [01:11] <Nagato> what book?
    [01:11] <Nagato> the Lord_Settra&#39;s book?
    [01:11] <Lord_Settra> it goes, khorne, tzeench, nurgle, then slaanesh
    [01:12] <Lord_Settra> no any chaos book ever released
    [01:12] <Nagato> thats the birth
    [01:12] <Alana> I have a theory why Slaanesh is the weakest
    [01:12] <Nagato> no its not
    [01:12] <Alana> he eats other gods
    [01:12] <Nagato> first of al
    [01:12] <Nagato> l
    [01:12] <Nagato> read teh liber chaotica
    [01:12] <Nagato> and you will see
    [01:12] <Lord_Settra> slaanesh is like the little brother that all the other gods beat the dirt out of
    [01:12] <SB|LFNC> i would hope not
    [01:13] <Nagato> yeah right
    [01:13] <SB|LFNC> i wouldn&#39;t touch him
    [01:13] <Lord_Settra> khaine is khorns brother, did you know that?
    [01:13] <Alana> because when he grows up he will kill them all
    [01:13] <Lord_Settra> grows up?
    [01:13] <Lord_Settra> he is god&#33;
    [01:13] <Lord_Settra> he is grown
    [01:13] <Nagato> anyway
    [01:13] <Nagato> the point is
    [01:13] <Nagato> Slaanesh=fun
    [01:13] <Lord_Settra> slaanesh is weak
    [01:13] <Lord_Settra> that is the point
    [01:13] <Nagato> Khorne=boring
    [01:14] <Lord_Settra> khorne aint boring
    [01:14] <Nagato> yes
    [01:14] <Nagato> it is
    [01:14] <Nagato> end
    [01:14] <Lord_Settra> they just like to fight, rather than be ass ***** by deamons all day
    [01:14] <Nagato> and meat is murder
    [01:15] <Lord_Settra> like i said, show me ANY slaanesh character that can beat a khornate one
    [01:15] <Lord_Settra> any
    [01:15] <Alana> Lucius the Eternal
    [01:15] <Alana> undefeatable
    [01:15] <Lord_Settra> were are his rules?
    [01:15] <Lord_Settra> erm
    [01:15] <Lord_Settra> arbaal the undefeated
    [01:15] <Alana> if you kill him you become him
    [01:15] <Lord_Settra> champoin of khorne
    [01:15] <Lord_Settra> he is one of your own?
    [01:15] <Alana> nope
    [01:15] <Alana> in Codex Chaos
    [01:15] <Lord_Settra> oooh
    [01:16] <Lord_Settra> i see, 40k
    [01:16] <Lord_Settra> kharn would prolly ***** him up
    [01:16] <Nagato> well fluff wise no
    [01:16] <Alana> I doubt it
    [01:16] <Lord_Settra> kharn is raw&#33;
    [01:16] <Lord_Settra> you cant knoick karn
    [01:16] <Nagato> game wise maybe
    [01:16] <Lord_Settra> *knock
    [01:16] <Alana> they are pretty even in game power too
    [01:17] <Lord_Settra> he has a good story line
    [01:17] <Nagato> a boring story line
    [01:17] <Nagato> all Khorne champions
    [01:17] <Nagato> are flat
    [01:17] <Lord_Settra> what the ***** is so imnteresting about slaanesh>?
    [01:17] <Nagato> Khorne champuions are for newbs
    [01:18] <Nagato> champions*
    [01:18] <Lord_Settra> i mean even nurgle is more powerful than him, and he is a fat piece of dirt&#33;
    [01:18] <Nagato> red and evil
    [01:18] <Nagato> so boring
    [01:18] <Invidia> Pink and sexy
    [01:18] <Invidia> always better
    [01:18] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [01:18] <Lord_Settra> on a dude?
    [01:18] <Lord_Settra> gross
    [01:18] <Nagato> pink sexy and vicious
    [01:18] <Invidia> id hump a daemonette
    [01:18] <Alana> I use purple and black for my warriors
    [01:19] <Nagato> purple is my color
    [01:19] <Lord_Settra> purple? that international gay color?
    [01:19] <Lord_Settra> pah&#33;
    [01:19] <Lord_Settra> bring your slaanesh on any day, any time, and show you why they suck dick for a living
    [01:19] <Invidia> loh please
    [01:19] <Alana> the full army?
    [01:20] <Lord_Settra> all of them&#33;
    [01:20] <Hard_Aun> hmm
    [01:20] <Lord_Settra> 100,000 points if you want
    [01:20] <Lord_Settra> line them up
    [01:20] <Nagato> i will only bring my Mozz dog
    [01:20] <Nagato> is a slaanesh fiend
    [01:20] <Lord_Settra> i dont even play khorne that much, but to defend the chaos championship i will
    [01:21] <Lord_Settra> cuz i know they are bad ass
    [01:21] <Lord_Settra> i started out playing khorne though
    [01:22] <Lord_Settra> abaal would own dechala(or whatever her name is)
    [01:22] <Alana> only models with the mark of Slaanesh? or can I drown you in Marauders?
    [01:22] <Lord_Settra> slaanesh now, only the finest warriors march to defend thier god&#33;
    [01:22] <Nagato> what about Azazel?
    [01:22] <Lord_Settra> against a deamon prince of knorne?
    [01:22] <Nagato> yes
    [01:23] <Lord_Settra> no way
    [01:23] <Nagato> or against arbaal the boring
    [01:23] <Lord_Settra> he used to be pretty good back in the 5th edition
    [01:23] <Lord_Settra> but now?
    [01:23] <Lord_Settra> come on
    [01:23] <Nagato> pfff
    [01:23] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [01:24] <Nagato> dont lol my pfff
    [01:24] <Lord_Settra> thats exactly what abaal would do
    [01:24] <Alana> over 200 Chaos Warriors
    [01:24] <Lord_Settra> khorne chosen champion lives a far more dangerous life than any slaanesh one
    [01:24] <Nagato> for first and last time is Arbaal not Abaal
    [01:24] <Alana> all I can find is Marauders though
    [01:25] <Lord_Settra> exactly
    [01:25] <Nagato> <Lord_Settra> khorne chosen champion lives a far more dangerous life than any slaanesh one
    [01:25] <Invidia> khorne is bland, and boring
    [01:25] <Nagato> try to ***** a daemonette
    [01:25] <Invidia> no skill
    [01:25] <Invidia> no finesse
    [01:25] <Lord_Settra> heh
    [01:25] <Lord_Settra> all brute force
    [01:25] <Alana> Slaanesh is not the god of sex
    [01:25] <Alana> he is the god of pleasure
    [01:25] <Lord_Settra> i never said that
    [01:25] <Invidia> exactly
    [01:25] <Alana> quite different
    [01:25] <Nagato> sex is pleasure
    [01:25] <Nagato> yes
    [01:26] <Lord_Settra> slaanesh is weak
    [01:26] <Lord_Settra> proven fact
    [01:26] <Lord_Settra> sais so in the book
    [01:26] <Alana> if you love hacking people up Slaanesh can be your god just as much as Khorne
    [01:26] <Nagato> What book???
    [01:26] <Lord_Settra> any chaos book&#33;
    [01:26] <Nagato> name one&#33;
    [01:26] <Lord_Settra> that is not new news
    [01:26] <Nagato> now
    [01:26] <Lord_Settra> hordes of chaos
    [01:26] <Lord_Settra> any one
    [01:27] <Lord_Settra> look back
    [01:27] <Nagato> its says the birth time
    [01:27] <Nagato> Khorne was first
    [01:27] <Lord_Settra> i&#39;ll go get my old editons and quote right out of the book&#33;
    [01:27] <Nagato> that all
    [01:27] <Lord_Settra> no it doesnt
    [01:27] <Nagato> &#39;birth time&#39;
    [01:27] <Lord_Settra> it sais khorne is the most powerful
    [01:27] <Lord_Settra> clearly
    [01:27] <Nagato> i doubt that
    [01:27] <Lord_Settra> he has the most followers
    [01:28] <Nagato> and if says that then is old fluff
    [01:28] <Alana> Slaanesh is growing
    [01:28] <Nagato> read Liber Chaotica Lord_Settra
    [01:28] <Lord_Settra> but l;ike i said, if you need the axe of khorne to teach you the lesson, then so be it
    [01:28] <Lord_Settra> i will
    [01:28] <Nagato> that books are the only good chaos bokos
    [01:28] <Alana> Codex Chaos says that Slaanesh is growing
    [01:28] <Nagato> Books*
    [01:28] <Lord_Settra> its still the weakest, 40,000 years later&#33;
    [01:29] <Lord_Settra> how much time does it need?
    [01:29] <Alana> 10,000
    [01:29] <Alana> that is how old it is
    [01:29] <Lord_Settra> and still on the bottom&#33;
    [01:29] <Lord_Settra> damn
    [01:29] <Nagato> anyway that joke is&#39;nt funny anymore
    [01:29] <Nagato> move on plz&#33;
    [01:30] <Lord_Settra> i like tzeench the most though
    [01:30] <Alana> as oppose to the other gods which may now be 100 billion now
    [01:30] <Nagato> angel
    [01:30] <Lord_Settra> even though tzeench hates khorne
    [01:30] <Nagato> say something funny
    [01:31] <Lord_Settra> you have a point alana
    [01:31] <Nagato> angel where is fatty?
    [01:31] <Nagato> eating?
    [01:31] <Lord_Settra> but could of of should of, maybee one day doesnt mean dirt&#33;
    [01:31] <Pulan> nah
    [01:31] <Pulan> fatty saw me posting a link of a girl
    [01:31] <Lord_Settra> who is fatty?
    [01:31] <Pulan> he&#39;s bussy with other stuff now
    [01:32] <Nagato> the only fatty that i know from here is kaj
    [01:32] <Alana> several developers thought the idea of Khorne Nurgle and Tzzench being born because of humans was dumb in the extreme
    [01:32] <Lord_Settra> they wernt born
    [01:32] <Lord_Settra> they are gods
    [01:32] <Nagato> and still is
    [01:32] <Pulan> whm
    [01:33] <Nagato> dumb in the extreme
    [01:33] <Alana> well when the first existed
    [01:33] <Invidia> rofl
    [01:33] <Invidia> what?
    [01:33] <Pulan> IIRC khorne was born when the first human picked up a stone and hit another one with it in the head....
    [01:33] <Lord_Settra> exacly
    [01:33] <Pulan>
    [01:33] <Lord_Settra> when the first human felt the rush to crush someone skull
    [01:33] <Alana> which is idiocy because the biggest war ever was some time before that
    [01:33] <Pulan> dunno if that&#39;s correct though
    [01:34] <Lord_Settra> chaos undived is the strongest technically
    [01:34] <Lord_Settra> chaos in its purest form
    [01:34] <Lord_Settra> and that does include the prince, i know that
    [01:34] <Alana> I think Khorne was created during the War in Heaven now
    [01:35] <Lord_Settra> heh, now that i think about it, are those lame noise marines still around?
    [01:35] <Lord_Settra> how gay
    [01:35] <Lord_Settra> 80&#39;s rock stars
    [01:36] <Alana> they no longer look like that
    [01:36] * Nagato Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Long Version)
    [01:36] <Lord_Settra> you remeber Alana?
    [01:36] <Alana> but are still Noise Marines
    [01:36] <Alana> yes
    [01:36] <Pulan> OMG yes
    [01:36] <Lord_Settra> how they used to loo?
    [01:36] <Alana> I have one
    [01:36] <Lord_Settra> hehehehe
    [01:36] <Pulan>
    [01:36] <Pulan> ^there is a god
    [01:37] * Morden has joined #warhammer40k
    [01:37] <Lord_Settra> wb retard
    [01:37] <Pulan> hmm
    [01:37] <Morden> who, me?
    [01:37] <Lord_Settra> they looked pretty gay, but i have to say the dog looking first bloodthirsters looked pretty lame too
    [01:37] <Pulan> I actually was about to write a post that everyone on the chat hates each other
    [01:38] <Pulan> [02:48] []Lord_Settra> wb retard <-- confirms it
    [01:38] <Lord_Settra> we dont hate each other
    [01:38] <Lord_Settra> i was talkin&#39; to Mordem
    [01:38] <Pulan> YES we do
    [01:38] <Invidia> stfu
    [01:38] <Invidia> no one likes you vindy
    [01:38] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [01:38] <Pulan> only the deathwing and the ppl of the brain was friends
    [01:38] <Invidia> :o
    [01:39] <Pulan> Invidia : I know, that&#39;s why I got highest chanlev
    [01:39] <Pulan> well, IIRC
    [01:39] <Lord_Settra> i dont hate anyone on IRC
    [01:39] <Nagato> you dont?
    [01:39] <Pulan> hmm
    [01:39] <Lord_Settra> hate is strong, you have to realy yellow water me off for me to hate you
    [01:39] <Pulan> all the peeps I&#39;ve had fights with
    [01:39] <Lord_Settra> cant do that online&#33;
    [01:39] <Pulan> and annoys me
    [01:39] <Lord_Settra> fights yes
    [01:39] <Invidia> RAWFLE
    [01:39] <Pulan> on the chat
    [01:40] <Pulan> r
    [01:40] <Pulan> o
    [01:40] <Pulan> f
    [01:40] <Pulan> l
    [01:40] <Pulan> like
    [01:40] <Pulan> robin
    [01:40] <Pulan> kaj
    [01:40] <Pulan> k3
    [01:40] <Pulan> pandora
    [01:40] <Invidia> WAKE UP PULAN
    [01:40] <Lord_Settra> i like to debate, dont confuse it witgh hatred&#33;
    [01:40] <Invidia> rofl
    [01:40] <Pulan> stfu Invidia
    [01:40] <Nagato> It&#39;s so easy to hate
    [01:40] <Invidia> reagardless that was funny as hell
    [01:40] <Invidia> a whole freaking screen
    [01:40] <Invidia> of wake up p-man
    [01:40] <Pulan> was I even @ home
    [01:41] <Pulan> cause
    [01:41] <Pulan> then robin would have been banned
    [01:41] <Lord_Settra> that aint cool
    [01:41] <Lord_Settra> when you aint even there to defend yourself
    [01:41] <Lord_Settra> brb, need a smoke
    [01:41] <Pulan> anyhow
    [01:41] <Nagato> its cool when you are op Lord_Settra
    [01:42] <Pulan> there was something that I was about to do
    [01:42] <Pulan> yes
    [01:42] <Lord_Settra> heh, bet you cant find a slaanesh charcter that would whoop settra&#33;
    [01:42] <Pulan> XENOSAGA
    [01:42] <Lord_Settra> hahahaha
    [01:42] <Pulan> 2 eps
    [01:42] <Pulan> laters
    [01:43] <Hard_Aun> laters, Vindy
    [01:43] * Alana Quit (Quit: Do fish get thirsty?)
    [01:46] <Lord_Settra> i have nothing but love for warhammer players
    [01:46] <Nagato>
    [01:47] <Lord_Settra> all of you
    [01:47] <Invidia> eh
    [01:47] <Lord_Settra> we are untied by our love for the game
    [01:47] <Invidia> not if you like khorne
    [01:47] <Lord_Settra> hahahaha
    [01:47] <Lord_Settra> they are third on my list, VK, TK then chaos
    [01:47] <Invidia> I&#39;ve got some lizzies
    [01:48] <Invidia> and a full daemonette horde lsit
    [01:48] <Invidia> *list
    [01:48] <Lord_Settra> im glad they made the lizzies better this edition
    [01:49] <Lord_Settra> that *****in sword of cocoakiaa or whatever was leathal in the last ediion though, it was by far the most powerful magic item
    [01:50] <Lord_Settra> hated that dirt
    [01:50] <Lord_Settra> but then i had a T9 vamnpire lord, so how can i call anything cheesy
    [01:51] <Invidia> i only jsut started playing
    [01:51] <Invidia> *jist
    [01:51] <Invidia> ffs
    [01:51] <Invidia> anyways
    [01:51] <Lord_Settra> cool
    [01:51] <Invidia> i have one box of nettes
    [01:51] <Invidia> and 2 army books
    [01:51] <Lord_Settra> nettes?
    [01:51] <Nagato> nettes
    [01:52] <Hard_Aun> even I know what that means
    [01:52] <Nagato> daemonettes?
    [01:52] <Nagato> Invidia?
    [01:52] * Morden Quit (Quit)
    [01:52] <Nagato> oh well
    [01:53] * SB|LFNC Quit (Ping timeout)
    [01:53] <Lord_Settra> i dont play slaanesh
    [01:53] <Nagato> me 2
    [01:54] * Lord_Settra laughs
    [01:55] <Lord_Settra> i wish we could all get together and play
    [01:55] <Lord_Settra> smoke some sweets and watch slaanesh bow down to a greater power
    [01:55] <Hard_Aun> easier said than done, my colonial friend
    [01:55] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [01:55] <Lord_Settra> that is true Hard_Aun
    [01:55] <Lord_Settra> but maybee one day
    [01:55] <Hard_Aun> heh, maybe
    [01:56] <Nagato> that day will never never come
    [01:56] * SaRgE_AwAy has joined #warhammer40k
    [01:56] <Lord_Settra> i have the money to fly anywere, but i want everyone to meet up and play
    [01:56] <Lord_Settra> mario&#33; was up man?
    [01:57] <Nagato> 4 am time for beauty sleep
    [01:57] <Nagato> goodnight
    [01:57] <Lord_Settra> night Nagato
    [01:57] * Nagato has left #warhammer40k
    [01:57] <Lord_Settra> it would be fun to all get up and have a good time
    [01:58] <Hard_Aun> yeah true
    [01:58] <Lord_Settra> i dont know that many plers anymore, non of my friends play warhammer
    [01:58] <Hard_Aun> but not exactly practical
    [01:58] <Lord_Settra> true
    [01:59] <Lord_Settra> i know we are all young high school / college students
    [01:59] <Hard_Aun> heh, Im not
    [01:59] <Lord_Settra> but one day maybee, it doesnt cost as much as it once did to fly
    [01:59] <Lord_Settra> how old are you Hard_Aun?
    [01:59] <Hard_Aun> 37
    [01:59] <Lord_Settra> cool
    [01:59] <Lord_Settra> that aint that old man&#33;
    [01:59] <Hard_Aun> thanks
    [01:59] <Hard_Aun> i know
    [01:59] <Hard_Aun> just pointing out that im not a college student
    [020] * Lord_Settra nods
    [020] <Lord_Settra> were you at Hard_Aun?
    [020] <Hard_Aun> neither are Alana or Nags
    [020] <Lord_Settra> nags is my age 22
    [020] <Hard_Aun> Bristol, South West England
    [020] <Lord_Settra> dont know how old alana is
    [021] <Lord_Settra> my friends dont like warhammer because they do not undersatnd it, they think it is d & d
    [021] <Lord_Settra> which it is not&#33;
    [021] <Hard_Aun> yeah quite
    [021] <Hard_Aun> act. she has her bdate in her profile, so its not a secret
    [022] <Lord_Settra> ok
    [023] <Lord_Settra> how long you played Hard_Aun?
    [024] <Hard_Aun> about 12 years on and off
    [024] <Lord_Settra> cool
    [024] <Hard_Aun> not much recently
    [024] <Lord_Settra> me either, dont have many ppl. around here that do
    [025] <Lord_Settra> but when i do...... ) :
    [025] <Lord_Settra> ; )
    [025] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [025] <Hard_Aun> yeah, Ive got a GW store about 5 mins walk away
    [025] <Lord_Settra> a thousand curses on you&#33;
    [025] <Hard_Aun> and a few friends down there
    [025] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [025] <Hard_Aun> so i can play on Tues eves if i want
    [026] <Lord_Settra> cool
    [026] <Hard_Aun> thats mature players night
    [026] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [026] <Hard_Aun> not quite as many tantrums and screaming as on juniors nights
    [026] <Lord_Settra> lol
    [027] <Lord_Settra> its hard not to scream if you lose a VC lord, cuz you basically lost the game
    [027] <Hard_Aun> heh yeah
    [027] <Hard_Aun> but thats one of the &#39;charms&#39; of the pixie game
    [028] <Lord_Settra> pixie?
    [028] <Hard_Aun> the big chars are such a points sink
    [028] <Hard_Aun> that GW game thats not 40k
    [028] <Lord_Settra> truew
    [028] <Hard_Aun> its got gnomes and pixies and stuff
    [029] <Lord_Settra> i know, vlad von carstein is 800 points&#33; and you have to take his sorry ass wife too&#33;
    [029] <Lord_Settra> so its like 900 +
    [029] <Hard_Aun> sheesh
    [02:10] * Lord_Settra dances
    [02:10] * Lord_Settra moonwalks

    etc etc...
    Ryan Dancey, Vice President of Wizards of the Coast, believed that TSR failed because of "...a near total inability to listen to its customers, hear what they were saying, and make changes to make those customers happy." Are you listening, Games Workshop ?

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