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    Ah. Looking back, I vaguely remember seeing an email about something like that. Guess that's what I get for not reading my emails in full. If you could do that I'd really appreciate it.

    Not a niche I'd ever really considered, but I guess I can see how it'd be useful.

    Faced off against some skitarii with custodes the other day, made for some interesting dynamics. The custodes seemed to dominate all attention where they came in, and while they only wiped one unit of chaos marines and a sorceror they definitely held a lot of attention.

    Can't say I know much about the tartaros terminators. I've heard the name mentioned, but not much more than that.

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    I'll email the VS team and get that sorted for you.

    Custodes are indeed nasty. I've not faced them yet in 8th but I'd love to see what they are capable of doing. Tartaros Terminators are just your basic 'shooty' terminators but with +1Movement and access to a few cool peices of gear like the Plasma Blaster and Volkite charger. They can't take assault cannons or cyclone missile launchers though

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