First off, Other Games and Recreational Activities will be merged, as they are both rather low-traffic areas, not to mention they sorta fit nicely together. This also fits well with the Chain of Command, as Vindkall is currently in charge of both sections.

Secondly, CCG will be a sub-forum of Tabletop & CCG, as it seemed a bit wasteful to have it's own section with such few posts.

Third, with the exception of LoTR, all other games will be organized by producer, rather than game, to save some space, and a few producers of other popular games have been added.

Lastly, PC Support have been moved to a sub forum of Gamers Hangout.

This is how the new structure will look like:

[Other Games & Recreational Activities]
  • Tabletop & CCG Games
    • LotR
    • Privateerpress
    • Rackham
    • Reaper
    • Urbanmamoth
    • Collectible Card Games
  • Roleplaying Games
    • Online RPGs
    • Pen and Paper RPGs
    • General RPG
    • Beta Forum - Online RPGs
  • Gamers Hangout
    • PC Support
    • Legend of the Green Dragon
    • Promisance
    • LO DoW Clan
  • Reviews by Members for Members
  • Members Blogs

Please note, these changes will take effect on the 21st of November, morning time CET. This is to give you players and users out there some time to read this announcement, and get accustomed to the changes.

We hope you will find these changes helpful and streamlining.

Cheers, the LO Crew