I've just gone through and updated all the links in the various 40K Article Indexes. You know the ones I'm talking about - the sticky threads that are locked, but contain all the links to the various articles and useful threads that people have written, amongst other things.

For those who view those threads often, you'll notice that a lot of links are either gone, or put under the "Pending" heading. I removed links entirely if I felt they were no longer necessary - for example, Eldar got hit the hardest, since many of their articles were out of date and no longer relevant to the New Codex. Space Marines were also hit bad, with only one tactica being avaliable at the moment.

If an article is listed under Pending, it means that we're waiting on the Article to be moved from the old server. It's not that the article doesn't exist anymore. We still have all of the articles ever submitted to us. However, we have literally around a thousand articles, and all of them need to be moved by hand from the old server to the new. That is a ton of work, so many articles may be out of comission for some time.

If you want to speed up the process, you can do one of two things. Either resubmit your article, which will then be handled by the webmag team and published. Alternatively, you can take the article and create a normal thread out of it. If you create a thread, PM me and I'll fix the links.

Obviously, you can always create new articles and tacticas. This is encouraged, especially for baren forums like the (now) Eldar and Orks.

Someone will be along shortly to handle the Fantasy forums. Thanks - and if anyone has any questions, either ask here or PM me.