I have developed a new CCG / TCG... I have card drafts I used for play testing, and testing is done, and I have 4 game shops and 1 distributor interested in carrying my game.

My problem is that even though I have my roughs done, I do not have a good MASTER card template for the game, only the rough template.

I need some help if anyone is interested in giving it. I need someone to do 6 MASTER cards for templating.. I will of course make arrangements to add that persons name to the cards as a designer, and also in the master rules of the game. I also will if they have a web site link to them, and place a bio blurb on my new site for them. And give kudos that they are the card designer.

This is a chance for someone to get into the ground floor of something, as I have had some local press coverage about my game also. I demo'd it on the local news for there local business segment......

If you are interested let me know. I really could use the help.

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