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    Why a better value for some battleforce packs?

    Hey everyone, new to the forums and to the world of minis. I have been looking through battleforce packs and some of my coworker's codices and noticed something odd. The differences of the battleforce packs really hit me. All of the packs are $90.

    IG Battleforce $90:
    $45-Leman Russ (Mk2)
    $35-Cadian Heavy Weapons Team
    $35-Cadian Shock Troops
    $25-(estimate of rubble value)
    $140 (~35% off)

    Nids Battleforce $90:
    $35-Gaunts, Terms
    $145 (~38%)

    Orks Battleforce $90:
    $75-Warbike ($15x5)
    $35-Ork Boyz
    $160 (~43% off)

    You get about 5-10% more off the Ork pack. Is there a reason for this? Are the contents selected more for point value than monetary value?

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    There are probably several reasons for why the ork battleforce gets more than the others. One of those reasons is because it is much older, and some of the older ones may have come with more stuff as well before being replaced by newer batleforce sets.

    Theres also what comes in the sets. The guard one comes with a leman russ, get that set and you start your army with a heavy tank right off the bat. Not only that but they come with enough infantry to create your HQ platoon and then give you a command squad and one infantry platoon for your first troops choice. (Each of the three squads would be able to get a heavy and special weapon.) The guard set comes with enough models to almost give you a legal and standard army, all you need after it is another set of cadians and a chimera and you have a legal army with a russ as support.

    The nids set is similar to the guard one, in that you are given a heavy unit with the set. (The carnifex.) The nids battleforce actually comes with enough models to make an HQ, two or three troops, and one heavy support before you even buy anything else. For a mere $90 thats an even better buy the the guard set.

    Then we have the ork battleforce, which contains a grand total of sixteen infantry, five bikes, and two vehicles. (The guard set comes with twenty six infantry and one vehicle, the nids set comes with twenty seven infantry and one monstrous creature.) Sure, the ork battleforce saves you almost 50% of the cost of each of those units, but it doesn't really help you start an army as much as the first two do. The ork battleforce, like many of the ones of its time, is more of a supplement than anything else; because unless you are good at converting, you only get a troop choice of ten boyz, and three fast attack choices made up of a buggy, five bikes, and a ten ork trukk mob.

    The newer battleforce sets seem more oriented to helping you start an army very quickly if not right away. (The nids battleforce is evidence of this.)

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    If memory serves it's largely because the Ork selection predates the last pricehike and bikes were only 10 or 12 $ at the time, which pretty much swings the difference. The Dark Eldar BattleForce is like that too.

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