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Thread: Gamesday Advice

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    Gamesday Advice

    Anyone got advice for going to Gamesday. I havent been to one since the late 80s. How early should I get there? Whats good to see and do? Do they sell much at the event? Do many people take models and play a game?

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    I was in Games Day Los Angeles just a month ago, and have some ideas for you.

    1. There are always tournaments going on during Games Day. If you want to participate, be aware that this will get you in early so you can peek at all the stuff before everyone else.. but you won't get a chance to do anything else once the tournament begins. If you haven't been to Games Day before, I would suggest against participating in the Games Day tournament. You can always play other people in the Open Gaming area.

    2. Bring a lot of money. When planning your trip, add a couple hundred extra in spending cash. There are things you won't want to leave without when you get to the convention. You don't wanna get stuck just staring at those new Forge World Renegades with nothing but lint in your pockets.

    Speaking of Forge World..
    3. Make a Forge World shopping list. If there is anything you need/want/must have from them, wait until Games Day, if it is close enough. Not having to pay shipping costs is realllly nice. You have to wait in a pretty long line, but it's so worth it to look at everything they are working on, and get orders right over the counter.

    4. Buy from the Games Workshop store. Even if you are just subscribing to White Dwarf, spending at least 50 dollars in the store will get you free Grab Bags and raffle tickets! I walked away with a River Troll, Chaos Ogre, Imperial Servitors, Grey Knight Justicar, and of course the promotional Games Day Ork. That's almost like twice the models for the same price!

    5. Make Friends. Take every single opportunity to meet everyone you can, shake their hands, and just talk about Warhammer. If you get the chance, talk as much as you can to any of the developers. I talked to Phil Kelly and others at length about everything, it seems, and my mind was spinning that evening with all the information I had gathered. It's mind-boggling to be in a room with 1000 strangers, and all your talking about is Warhammer.

    A couple final things:
    - Don't be afraid to use their Bag Check for EVERYTHING.
    - Do as many activities as possible. The seminars, especially, are fantastic. It's like taking school classes on Warhammer! You can get some awesome stuff at the Make and Take and Conversion Contest.
    - If your into that kind of thing, make a Banner or Costume. Not enough people do that, and it's so great to see such emphatic fans of the Warhammer Universe. I saw a Gun Servitor, several Inquisitors and Storm Troopers, and of course a Daemonette... I wish people would avoid that one. In the end, a 6 year old Dwarf Slayer took the trophy.
    - Spend at least an hour in the Golden Demon, just admiring the fantastic works. That was my favorite part of Games Day. The surreal feeling that overtook me when I got lost in professional modelling.. I felt like I never wanted to leave the convention.

    I know Games Day isn't for a while now.. but have a great time when you go! Hope this helps.

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