After a considerably lengthy debate on a classic topic, my colleague... "NURGLE" and I finally came to a concensus:

Khorne Berserkers are better than Fabius Bile's Enhanced Marines.

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Consider the chart: I've invented this word, Bloodcost, to represent the expectable casualties Berserkers will face when paired against an equal Points-cost quantity of Enhanced Marines. Each round of combat is simulated in pairs of bars. You can see the Enhanced Marines (rather, the single Enhanced Marine remaining) was finished off in the 5th round of combat. The Bloodcost of 14 Enhanced Warriors was ~6 Berserkers, leaving the original unit above half strength and victorious.

Just thought I'd share my findings with you all. If you are curious of the expectable outcomes of protracted hand to hand combat (or shooting) between 2 units, please let me know and I can compute the Bloodcost and length of combat for you. Hope you enjoy!