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    Ok my mate who has been playing much longer then me, said that ONCE games workshop did have a conection between the worlds of 40k and warhammer, saying that the collapse of the chaos gate is the same event as the eye of terror opening.

    Though because of the C'tan being inserted into the story, and the wholehistory being changed, this connection has become lost, and ignored.

    Could the connection still work, and is it still there?

    Also why don't you here much about the chaos god Mallal the first and last chaos god, who is so chaotic it hates all chaos except itself.

    And also the gods Vorash Fernex etc, as they would be so cool in 40k and warhammer but hey people ingore them and they are dissapearing

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    That connection has been discussed in other threads. Malal no longer exists. Thread locked.
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