So, I took first in my City tournament to qualify for Regional competition in Utah, for the second round of the 'Ardboy tournament. Props to the Hydra, and to Kroot Mercenaries. (USE THEM)

Game 1: Tyranids
Played just like a Recon, except for a Ordnance blast every turn due to "Firestorm". That really helped pop off some Hormagaunts. The TMCs were then torn to bits by my Plasma Rifles.

Game 2: Death Guard
WOW tough game (Cleanse/Take and Hold hybrid). All troop choices in Reserve.. it was tough to keep him out of my deployment zone, and to keep Scoring units in the other Table Quarters. Fortunately, I destabilized the Great Unclean One, and the Kroot Headhunters sprayed it down with acid.. picture Mortal Kombat:


Game 3: Tau
Hilarious Secure and Control. 800 point O'Shovah + 9 Crisis Bodyguard unit gets charged by my Chaos Lord. After felling 1 Crisis, the whole unit flees the battle. After that.. the Kroot Mercs killed 12 Fire Warriors, 3 Broadside, Sniper Drone team, and Pirahna. Strong finish, for sure.

Did anyone else play the 'Ardboy? Did anyone qualify for Regionals? I'll be in Clearfield, Utah on October 13th, and I was hoping to see some Librarium users there.

Here's the list I used: HERE!