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    Promoting W40K at my local game shop (long post)

    Ok, I've been thinking of the current status of W40K in my country and the rise of exposure (albeit slowly) it has been getting from the PC game Dawn of War. A lot of the people here seems to end up knowing of the W40K universe but most have never seen or heard of the tabletop version.

    However, at the area I have been playing, I have noticed that there are more and more people who are curious about it during the weekends when we normally play, especially due to good location in a shopping mall. Since I play every weekend (barring sickness or festive seasons), it seems to me that there is perhaps four to five customers that seem interested enough to want to know more about the tabletop version. Although they may not end up buying, it does make me happy to know interest is picking up.

    All this got me wondering, are we as players, allowed by GW to prepare simple, promotional/informative brochures that we can hand out to potential players. Only one of the people who work at the shop has sufficient W40k knowledge (it's a comic / hobby shop) to properly explain what it's all about. I know that we can't include details like points cost and rules, so I'll share some of the ideas that I had in mind and see if they make sense:

    Start of ideas

    What is Warhammer 40K?
    It's a tabletop game where two players or more pit their armies against each other, using dice and tape measure to complete certain missions.

    Is it similar to Dawn of War?
    It's in the same universe. The PC game was designed using the same units that you see and love, although of course the gameplay is different compared to the PC game. You'll see all the armies that you love like the Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Tau and more.

    What do I need to play?
    You will need to purchase your own models for your army and also your own codex. Most of the regular players will have the majority of the basic rules memorized so you can worry about having the rulebook later. You will also need to paint your armies, so you will need to get some GW paint to start.

    But I'm not a painter!
    Neither was I when I first started. The last time I used a brush was a decade ago in high school! Have a chat with anyone who is free and they can share their experience on how to get your painting started.

    End of ideas

    Those are just some of the ideas I had in mind. Of course it's not finalized, and I will have to try making it more "exciting" so people are actually interested once they read it. I find that it is a good idea to do this as there are no official GW shops here, and it's a good way to promote the hobby. I also intend to offer myself as a newbie guide whenever I am not playing, as I find that I can explain the rules to potential players quite easily (2 people are already preparing their models as we speak).

    So, thoughts and ideas anyone? I really do NOT want to go around breaking GW rules on stuff like this, and I will probably need to finalize that I will want to end up doing, but I just feel that I can do more to promote W40K as a hobby here. More players FTW :drinking:

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    I disagree, you need want to have a rulebook when you start out, no matter what type or how you acquired it. It's necessary to have a rules source handy when someone doesn't agree, or something sounds fishy. The sad fact is some opponents can and will take advantage of rulebookless situations, where others might make an honest mistake.

    ... only triumph could turn pooing his pants into a good thing..

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