Hi everyone,

I just come across this little gem.

Codex Insurgency

This is a generic Rebel Codex with variants to allow for Receptionist, Genestealers cults, Chaos and Tau Rebellions.
Smooth, characterful and balanced by nearly 2 years of play testing with about 25 different people who reported in regularly.

Just scroll down to the near bottom of the page and there is a big orange button saying download file.
Just click that to download the codex.

I gotta point out this is like the Genestealers cults codex which is floating around on the Bell of Lost Soul forum, it’s not a official codex so therefore won’t be allowed in tournaments and such by I have had a day or two to check it out and I think that it would make a great project and seems like a great army if you like to have a laugh instead of winning every game.