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Thread: Warglue

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    Morning chaps.

    I'm not sure on the rules on advertising non GW products but if I may, i'd like to interest you in
    I ran a search an nothing came up.
    Basically, a couple of guys got together to make this new breed of superglue. I haven't tried it myself yet as I still have ample supply of GW glue, but I trust the source implicitly.
    And he's a Burnley supporter to boot, and Burnley fans never lie...

    It has had mention in our local papers and has been very well received. The only sticking point (scuze the pun) seems to be the price - £9.99, but I would imagine you will get around 3 or 4 GW bottles worth of life out of it as it expands on the surface so you need barely a drop to cement your parts.

    I don't know if advertising is allowed or not, but hope it is and hope you will take a gander at the site. As I said, one of the partners is a friend of mine so I trust him completely.

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    Hi dude,

    Unfortunately we don't allow threads for solely advertising, even from long time members such as yourself. We welcome paid advertising though, which might be something your friend might be interested in? In which case I advise you to contact the site owner, Blackhat


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