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View Poll Results: How should I sell it?

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  • One big lot

    5 41.67%
  • Squad by squad

    3 25.00%
  • Normal stuff in a lot, rare pieces separate.

    4 33.33%
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    Army selling advice needed

    Hi all. I'm getting back into 40K after being out of it for a number of years (I last played 2nd edition of 40K) and I find myself with no desire to play my old primary army, Eldar. I'd like to sell it and play my old secondary army ('nids) while I build a Chaos Marine army. My question to the forum is, how should I sell it? Should I try and sell as a lot or break it up and sell it piecemeal? I've included the list of what I have below. It's about $1600 (at current costs) worth of minis, not counting painting & modeling time. I was thinking of perhaps putting most of it up as a lot and putting the rare stuff up separately (Resin pieces, Harli Jetbikes, Drones, Musicians, etc). Any opinions / advise would be appreciated.


    I cant' get the forum to stop changing the spacing on this list, so it's a little hard to read. I'll attach it in text form as well.

    Item Qty Cost Total Status Type Notes
    2nd Edition Codex 1 20 20 Book
    3rd Edition Codex 1 20 20 Book
    Harliquin Trooper (2 in pack) 1 12 12 NiB Elite
    Fire Dragons (2 in pack) 2 10 20 NiB Elite
    Howling Banshees (5) 9 5 45 NiB Elite
    Striking Scorpions (5) 5 5 25 NiB Elite
    Striking Scorpion 1 5 5 Unassembled Elite
    Wraithguard 5 15 75 Painted Elite
    Wraithguard 3 15 45 Unassembled Elite
    Howling Banshees 3 0 Primed Elite
    Harliquin Trooper 4 6 24 Primed Elite Metal
    Harliquin Trooper 15 6 90 Painted Elite Metal
    Dire Avenger 1 6 6 Primed Elite Metal, OOP
    Shining Spear Exarch on Jetbike 1 16 16 NiB Fast OOP
    Vyper Jetbike 2 30 60 NiB Fast Partially Assembled
    Swooping Hawks (5) 5 5 25 NiB Fast
    Warp Spider 3 3 9 Painted Fast
    Warp Spider 5 3 15 Unassembled Fast
    Warp Spider Exarch 2 5 10 Unassembled Fast OOP
    War Walker (Metal) 1 30 30 NiB Heavy
    Lascannon Support Weapon 1 15 15 NiB Heavy Old metal type, OOP?
    Armorcast Falcon Gravtank 1 100 100 Painted Heavy OOP
    Armorcast Tempest Gravtank 1 150 150 Painted Heavy OOP
    Warwalker 1 30 30 Painted Heavy Metal, OOP
    Wraithlord, small head style) 1 40 40 Painted Heavy Metal, OOP
    Wraithlord, small head style) 1 40 40 Painted Heavy Metal, OOP
    Wraithlord Conversion 1 30 30 Primed Heavy Metal, OOP
    Wraithcannon Support Weapon 1 15 15 Unassembled Heavy Old metal type, OOP?
    Dark Reaper 3 6 18 Painted Heavy
    Lascannon Support Weapon 1 15 15 Primed Heavy Old metal type, OOP?
    Wraithcannon Support Weapon 1 15 15 Primed Heavy Old metal type, OOP?
    Switchable Support Weapon 2 15 30 Painted Heavy Have swappable weapons, Old style
    Support Weapon Crew 4 0 Painted Heavy
    Support Weapon Crew 3 0 Primed Heavy
    Avatar 1 25 25 NiB HQ Still Shrinkwraped
    Asurmen, Dire Avenger Lord 1 15 15 NiB HQ
    Eldrad Ulthran, Farseer of Ulth 1 20 20 NiB HQ
    Warlock, Singing Spear & Pistol 1 8 8 NiB HQ
    Warlock, Singing Spear 1 8 8 NiB HQ
    Jain Zar, Te Storm of Silence 1 15 15 Primed HQ
    Maugan Ra, Harvester of Souls 1 15 15 Painted HQ High end paint job
    Farseer 1 12 12 Unassembled HQ Converted, Sword, faceing forward
    Farseer 1 12 12 Painted HQ
    Banner Bearer 1 10 10 Unassembled HQ Converted Exarch, metal banner pole
    Wardrone 2 10 20 Unassembled Special Metal, Way, way OOP
    Harliquin Jetbike 3 20 60 Unassembled Special Metal, OOP, Jester Cowl
    Harliquin Jetbike conversion 1 20 20 Primed Special Plastic bike w/ metal jester cowl
    Eldar Musisions 3 5 15 Unassembled Special OOP
    4 sm, 2 lrg wraithlord heads 6 ? ? Special
    Harliquin Jetbike Cowls 6 ? ? Special Make GREAT wraithlord heads!
    Eldar Heros (2 in pack) 1 10 10 NiB Special OOP
    Eldar Bitz Special Couple of pounds of metal & plastic bits
    Transfers & Banners Special Several dozen sheets
    Jetbikes 5 15 75 Painted Troop
    Shrieker Jetbike 2 16 32 Painted Troop
    Rangers (5) 5 5 25 NiB Troop
    Guardians (Metal) 11 5 55 Primed Troop Metal
    Rangers 6 6 36 Primed Troop
    Unknown Exarch 1 12 12 Primed Troop Not sure what aspect this one is.
    Guardians (Plastic) 17 3 51 Painted Troop

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    1. Money
    2. Ease of sale.

    If you want more money sell them by squads, however you will have to deal with numerous people and shipping to a ton of different locations. If you just want rid of it then sell it as one big lot, cheaper shipping and a lot easier to do, but you will make a lot less money.

    That said I'd sell it as one big lot.
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    163 (x3)

    Personally I'd keep it, but... I suppose that's what I always say... (After all, just because you have no desire to play it now doesn't necessarily mean you wouldn't later, and... well...)

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    KITTENS GIVE MORBO GAS! theyak's Avatar
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    385 (x8)

    How important is it to get rid of it all?
    Selling it piecemail could have you ending up with bits and pieces of the army that just didn't sell.
    While, if you offer it as an army deal, give a good price, it might take longer, but when it goes... ALL of it goes and you don't have to worry about fractions of your old amry sitting around.

    Consider going to swap meets at cons and try to trade it off maybe?
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    I buy 2nd hand often and I can tell you what attracts me as a buyer.

    Built and Primed models are great, painted and you might do better or worse. Also try to include all the bits you can and make sure to make it apparent you are including the bits.

    The big lots are always too expensive and offer a lot of things people might already have or the buyer might not want it.

    Cheap shipping (3.99-6.00) is normally pretty appealling and make sure to offer combined shipping and make it VERY obvious you do!

    Combined shipping makes it easier for you and it helps move the price up on auctions because people will be willing to bid a little higher because they know shipping will be reduced.

    $10 seems to be a good place to start most auctions also.

    I don't know if you are selling with ebay, but I if you do I hope some of that helps.

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    Advice? Don't. Hang on to it for a while, maybe you will want to play Eldar again in the future. In the immortal words of my father:
    If you're going to put the time into painting and converting an army, Why sell it? That is a huge waste of your time. No value can be put on an army you poured blood, sweat, and tears into
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